Homeland Security

From SusanG:

In addition to the prepared remarks, the Obama transition team sent out
bios of today’s appointees, and it’s interesting to note what’s
emphasized (and what’s not) in these official life stories.
Particularly intriguing is the fact that Napolitano’s bio is longer
than that of Gates — and that it emphasizes quite a few domestic
policies that at least on the face of it have little to do with
Homeland Security as we know it.

Possibly because Homeland Security as we know it is utter bullshit. Take off your shoes in the airport, make sure you report any suspicious behavior like walking around, say, in a veil or speaking a foreign language, but if your home is washed away in a flood and you’re standing on your neighbor’s roof and dying of thirst, well, just fuck you, okay?

If I have any hope at all for an Obama presidency, and I’m a professional pessimist so I’m saying, if I have any hope at all it’s that we as a country can come to recognize that safety is about more than we’ve been told it’s about for the last eight years.


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