6 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Stylin’ Edition

  1. And if you were to dress ‘da ferretzes’ up, I would consider myself provoked into coming and gnawing holes in your gloves & such! Thank you for not! 🙂 But pics of the actual slinky dudes would be welcome! 🙂

  2. I was feeling sorry for myself the other day, because I can’t have any Christmas decorations anymore due to a remarkably destructive cat. None of the usual “training” works on him because he’s deaf, too. But… which would I rather have – a cheerfully evil and entertaining friend year-round or a month’s worth of sparkly things? I’ll take the bad boy, thanks.

  3. Amen, Sue. As for the ferret, that is just freakin’ adorable. I have no problems with dressing up pets–I live in an area where pet clothing is, depending on the time of year and the type of animal, a necessity. As long as the animal doesn’t seem to mind, I see nothing wrong with it.
    The problems arise, as A has recognized, when the animal minds. I remember when we got our second dog, a creature we were sure was just a mutt: terribly matted, a real mess, and the breed was simply unrecognizable. My mom took him in to get groomed, and they figured out he was a poodle. And proceeded to not only give him the full-on poodle do, but they also put bows in his ears. Bows. (Bows aside, he was beautiful. The prettiest silver-gray I’ve ever seen in a poodle.)
    The poor guy hid behind the couch until we took the bows off. It was clear he felt better for having been groomed, but the bows were just too much for him.

  4. Yeeowtch.
    I learned my lesson about things like that about 20 years ago. I was moving about 900 miles with four cats. Two were kittens, and it was not yet clear they were OK with staying indoors.
    I tried to put collars on them.
    These were made of woven nylon, and were supposed to be exceedingly tough and damage-resistant. Wrong.
    Three days later, at the far end of the line, they had to be scrapped.
    What a ferret would do to “clothing” he figured was bothersome and demeaning simply boggles the mind.

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