6 thoughts on “Obama To Bush

  1. I just hope that Obama reaches across the ideological divide, and appoints Bill O’Reilly as Ambasssador to Outer Tardistan.
    Why, he’d probably get through Senate confirmation, and be on the point of arranging plane tickets, when..
    “Wait. What?”

  2. A cabinet officer with significant military experience who can counter any bureaucratic stupidity from Bob Gates.
    I’m liking this. A lot.

  3. Snarki, I hope that was a typo, and you meant “TURDistan.”
    As for Shinseki, yeah, that’s pretty in your face. As much as I was hoping for Tammy Duckworth (for whom I hope there’s still a place in this administration), I’m likin’ this one a lot.
    I’m wondering, though, what can be done about the active duty military. I’m more than a little bit concerned about the pervasive fundie christian influence there. I really think reform needs to start with the academies. I know a lot of news has come out about aggressive proselytizing and the like. I’d like to see Obama address that, and soon.
    Yes, I know–there are a lot of things that need to be addressed soon, but it’d be nice to not have to worry about an American Taliban coup, y’know?

  4. just appointing reality based humans is a slap in georgee’s face. the republikkkans are not gonna like a smooth 4 awesome years that make georgee look like shit. hell, ronnie raygun is gonna look bad.

  5. Lodger, Gates is a part of Brent Scowcroft’s clique – and Scowcroft, like Shinseki, vocally opposed the PNAC Platoon’s planned invasion of Iraq. I rather suspect that Gates, wanting to reward Shinseki for being right, recommended Shinseki to Obama for the VA post as they’re not quite in position to do a full-on purge of the top military brass during wartime. But the groundwork for a housecleaning is being laid.
    This is a signal not just to Bush, but to the PNAC Platoon as a whole: Better start updating your résumés, folks — and some of you might want to hire a lawyer or two.

  6. BuggyQ,
    Dealing with the active military is EASY.
    Day one – word goes out. You don’t like the current lineup, then trade in your ID cards for the Blue RETIRED ID cards. The window is open for 30 days.
    Day 31+ – publicly fire the first general or admiral who dares to cross the new C-in-C a la MacArthur. No hesitation and maximum publicity. Consider UCMJ charges (insubordination and/or Art 88) for the offender; use a conviction to significantly reduce or remove the offender’s lifetime pension (or at least force aretirement grade determination). And then ask for the retirement of those generals/admirals above the miscreant in the chain of command to reinforce authority and submission to the civilian leadership.
    Day 60 – announce that you are trimming the DoD budget by 15% each year for the next three budget cycles and that the military can and will figure it out because that is what they do. As for any dissent, recycle the Day 31 actions.
    Believe me when I say that there are many, many, many serving patriots in the uniformed service who are ready to see some accountability exacted against generals/admirals who have consistently lost at the strategic and operational levels of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are many tried and true combat-experienced leaders who are ready NOW to move to senior leadership positions; ready to end the wars; ready to be pragmatic about our national power and its preservation. Many are tired of the self-centered, me-first sloganeering that emerges as “wisdom” from the guys wearing stars – guys who haven’t proven themselves by actually WINNING.
    So, dealing with the active military can be done. The real question is will it?
    VP-Elect Biden is right. A test for the new President is coming. But the test will arrive on the home front first, not overseas. Time will tell how it turns out.
    PS – and Phoenix Woman — you’re on target re: the PNAC crazies. I, for one, will feel much better when I actually see these dummies draw their last paycheck from Uncle Sam and are left on the outside looking in. There are lots of neo-con leaning, true believing Assistant Secretaries, Deputy Asst Secretaries, Principal Deputy Asst Secretaries and other political appointees inside the bureaucracy that need to go – PRONTO.

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