“Bush Legacy Project”

So Rove has been directing a Bush Legacy Project and today we learn via Think Progress that the White House has sent out a 2 page memo with the talking points on the “unalloyed success” of the Bush presidency.

I tackled a Bush Legacy Project almost 2 years ago with the following video and the thought that the Bush Legacy will be seen in 2 cities–New Orleans and Baghdad.

I still stand by that today. Though I would encourage you to also watch a video accompanyingthis Stars and Stripes story on a helicopter medevac platoon operating in Afghanistan. It is their job to go into landing zones and bring out the wounded. Towards the end of the video, (~ 7:00 minute mark) one medic talks of the need to leave the dead body of a soldier behind and though he was 99.5% certain that the soldier was dead, in the back of his mind was a sliver of… what if?

Just one of so very many ‘what ifs’ behind the Bush Legacy.

4 thoughts on ““Bush Legacy Project”

  1. Damn, scout. That’s tough stuff–the Stars and Stripes article in particular. Very hard to watch.
    BTW, on a totally off-topic point, Jon Stewart just eviscerated Mike Huckabee on the topic of gay marriage. Fucking took him apart. Totally. Completely. Utterly. I love Jon Stewart.

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