26 thoughts on “Title Contest

  1. Fear and Loathing in the White House
    How I Learned the President to Read
    Barney’s Official Biography
    The Travails of Decorating the First Residence
    A Robotress’ Guide to Life

  2. The Nice Vapors Made The Thoughts Go Away
    That George Fellow Seems Very Nice When He Doesn’t Talk So Much
    Dogs And Bees Can Smell Fear
    Wait, This Isn’t A Bathroom..
    I Think My Ears Are Touching

  3. “C’mon, You Know Why I Drink!”
    “Don’t Cry For Me, Crawford Texas”
    “I Know Now I Ran Over The Wrong Man”
    “Mayflower Missus, or Why The Hotel Concierge Rings My Bell”

  4. I Should’ve Stuck With Being A Librarian
    The Lost Lifetime
    It Wasn’t Worth It

  5. I just can’t see her being bitchy, not in public anyways…she’s just ‘void’… (all apologies to “Sixteen Candles”).

  6. “The Audacity and Comfort of Dope.”
    “Pay No Attention to the Glazed Smile,” subtitled, “I Married a Loser.”
    “My Face Works in Real Life.”

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