Quitting Time Booster Shot

Double the Booster, double the fun…

I had half of this written last week when I got the urge to do the1984 Orange Bowl posting. Having been sufficiently cowed for trying to sneak that in before heading to the MIL’s house, I parked this one and figured I’d add to it. Consider this the old and the new news on your QTBS:

The Missus readthisand noted that “Tripp” (phonetically trip) means to fall down and that seemed to be a pretty good indication of what happened to Grandma Sarah. Me? I was wondering if Easton was a middle name choice because it was Levi’sfavorite hockey brand.

Speaking of Grandma Sarah, apparently the liberal elite media and the liberal regular media are just being plain mean again.Apparently, folks are still picking at the “Trig’s not really her kid” story and that angered her to the point of granting an interview to a guy whosestenography reporting of the Republican party makes Hannity look like a vindictive tactical weapons specialist.
Not like anyone’s asking me, but here’s how we deal with this:
a) Has NO ONE in the entire STATE of Alaska seen her over the previous 12-18 months? When the Missus was carrying the Midget, she looked like she was smuggling watermelons out of Whole Foods. All of our friends who had kids have pictures and such of themselves in varying states of midriff largess. You mean NO ONE noticed the governor was pregnant and can vouch for this? And don’t give me the “they wear heavy clothes” bullshit… Did CNN or the Wasilla TV station have any governor b-roll of her waddling around? Can someone come through with the Zapruder film of her?
b) Stop talking about Sarah Palin. Who cares if she had the kid or not? This is like the guy from Wisconsin who survived the plane crash by duck rolling into a Cheesehead. Her 15 minutes are up. Let her go back to killing things that live in very cold climates and firing state troopers.

From the “Wow, really? Department:”The Virginity Pledge isn’t working. A couple things stood out on me in this story. First, after five years, more than 80 percent of the people who had taken the pledge had forgotten or denied they’d taken the pledge. So let me get this straight: this huge, astronomical, vital, on-your-honor, God-will-love-you-more-if-you-wait statement of faith, hope and self-worth meant so much to these participants that 4 out of 5 of the kids forgot about it when surveyed 5 years later? The second big thing that stuck out: Over the course of the Bush Administration, abstinence-only funds have almost tripled ($73 M in 2001 to $204M in 2008). So, we’re throwing more money at something that isn’t working and pretending like we’re doing something good. Sound familiar?

This is one of the best uses of blogging I’ve seen yet, although with every local and national TV station rushing to “express concern” about the plight of this kid, the blog has recently devolved into a “hey, we were on TV again” roll call. Read back a bit, though, into some of the earlier postings and you’ll see a gripping and saddening view of life on the streets today.

Does this kind of criminal activity have to go in the university’s Cleary Act report? Nah, campuses only count crimes that irreparably harm you, like iPod theft…

Yeah, you’d better keep an eye on him… He might do something crazy. If ever there was a better example of why I hate politics, I’m unable to think of it at this time. Gov. Rod was drilled a full MONTH ago with FBI wiretaps confirming he was trying to sell a senate seat among other problems unrelated to his haircut. I know he’s not convicted yet, we manage to put people on suicide watches, keep certain potentially dangerous individuals out of general population and even keep Axl Rose out of St. Louis before a conviction. How is it that the legislature didn’t pull out some sort of lock down on this guy saying, “It’s obvious this narcissistic hair-do guy is going to fight this all the way because he’s too stupid or too arrogant not to. Let’s take away the keys to the car before Dad drives back to the liquor store again…” Instead, they wait a month to vote to impeach the guy. Y’know, after he appointed some people and stuff.

From the “Definition of Chutzpah” Department: Blago is going to fight this all the way, he says after a 114-1 vote came down. The one guy who voted for him?Milt Patterson, who won’t be back after this vote. I spent about 20 minutes Googling this guy just to see what the hell he’s about. I still don’t know anything. Someone help me out here.

Pop Quiz: Who’s crazier? Blago orthis guy? I’m thinking Blago by about two lengths…

Thanks for letting me share your air. See you next week.