6 thoughts on “Has anyone seen my cynicism?

  1. When they started dancing to that song…damn…that was the song I danced to with my dad on my wedding day. My chorus started singing it a couple of years ago, and every time we do it, I get teary.
    Now I’ll have even more reason to! 🙂
    Giddy is the new black.

  2. It was my wedding song as well. Perfect choice.
    Funny thing: I didn’t see this happen, didn’t read about the dance but when I saw the clip, before I even played it, all I could think was, “Man, they should have danced to At Last.”
    Just perfect

  3. pansy, ain’t nobody ever going to do that song better than Etta HOWEVER Beyonce did good. I’m not a Beyonce fan but she played her role in this piece of history much more than adequately.
    Plus she’s a Houston homegirl and her parents worked their asses off to make sure their kids achieved their potential and succeeeded. That’s what Obama is all about, so she was well-cast.
    Loved Jon Stewart’s reaction — pretty much the same. “That was really beautiful. I got nothin.”

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