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  1. Hi Athenae. OT, but I’ve added “Since Virgo’s Already Called Me a Murderer …” to the Blog Post Hall of Fame on my site (look down on the left side.) Thanks for the big laughs.

  2. Crazy or stupid?
    Because I have fuzzy memories of playing tackle football on the roof of an Australian hotel. Believe it or not, alcohol was involved. And, despite a couple of close calls, nobody fell off.
    There was also the time I taunted a cop at a roadblock in Georgia. You know, he didn’t take too kindly to being asked if he’d “caught them pesky Duke boys yet.”

  3. It’s a tie between creating two men’s rooms in my junior high school building (and the principal walked into the wrong one) or accidentally setting myself on fire when I was first learning how to do glassblowing.

  4. I was living in Panama with a volatile woman. She owned a little .25 semiautomatic. One night, in the hallway of a hotel, I said something stupid that made her angry.
    Fortunately, she was a poor shot and the gun jammed before she could empty the magazine.
    And yes, as with Jude’s story, there was alcohol (and cocaine) involved.

  5. At a after-concert-party in college , I and several fellow members of my orchestra demolished a pineapple by bashing it against the bathroom sink. For no other reason than because I had asked the question “How do you get a pineapple open?” And nobody knew. (Why the pineapple was there, I don’t remember, either.)
    It was very tasty, though.
    (Yeah, my college years were just chock full of hedonism and debauchery. 🙂

  6. Moved in with my boyfriend after a few weekends together (we lived 120 miles apart). I’d been laid off from a tiny newspaper in the west GA mtns, and it was either move in with J. or move back home with my parents.
    18 months later we got hitched, and we’ve been married for 17½ years.

  7. Defied ABC Radio/Disney, the most powerful man in radio, 4 “professional” talk radio hosts two sales managers, a team of lawyers communications people and one million Move American Forward members.
    Oh, and once I brought a live pig to our campus for Hog Wild Days.

  8. I’d have to say it was getting drunk the 1st time my girlfriend and I went to dinner with my father and his new girlfriend.
    Now, my girlfriend already knew both my parents for 4 years or so and this was only the second time meeting my Dad’s girlfriend (for either of us) and I ended up getting drunk on tequila before the two of them even arrived at the restaurant.
    Other than that the only awful thing I’ve done is make an ass of myself in front of a girl I liked when we were in high school. It was at a senior campout and I started the night with beer and J.Daniels and finished with lots of pot and some LSD. I couldn’t stop giggling and was barely coherent and ended up sleeping outside my car because I thought my dead great-grandfather was playing tricks on me by stealing my keys. I went to sleep on the ground and woke up on top of my car the next morning in a rained-on sleeping bag.
    Good (dumb) times.

  9. Getting my girlfriend pregnant during our sophomore year in college. That was 42 years ago, and the lovely Mrs. RAM is sitting across from me with her matching iBook (we used to wear steady shirts; now we have steady laptops–progress!) checking her usual list of frugal living blogs while I curse the darkness that is wingnuts. Sometimes crazy things work out.

  10. Quit my nice secure corporate job with pension plan. Started my own company.
    Until this fall, it wasn’t all that crazy.

  11. I’d have to say with me it was going back to the apartment of a guy who had a Kuan Yin pin on his hat (in the late 1990s!) just to talk to him and read his manuscript, or else going back to the apartment with the drunk guy who took me to a movie, and, it turned out really wanted to fuck me, and then insisting I really didn’t want to screwhim… That guy was so drunk, he didn’t realise I had blue bangs until we’d already been talking for like an hour or so. Fun times!
    Possibly the third-most crazy thing I ever did was become a freelancer two years before I had intended to. Whoo…

  12. Going for a walk along part of the Canterbury pilgrims’ trail by myself. My two friends were both supposed to go with me, but both came down with a cold. I just couldn’t stand the idea of staying in the flat, so I went by myself. Took the train down to Otford, got off, and started walking.
    And got well and truly lost. I had a very good map, but somehow missed a turn somewhere. I started at 9 a.m., and made it back to the station at 8 p.m., just in time to catch the last train back to London.
    You have never seen such a tired person. It was also damned fun.
    I could also class the whole trip to London (threw caution to the winds, got a work visa through a college exchange program, and lived there with two friends for 9 months) as a crazy thing. And deciding to go to a tiny college in Alaska for my first year in college…

  13. Prolly the stupidest thing I ever did was hitch-hiking to Devil’s Lake and setting up camp, then walking several miles into Baraboo to get something to eat. Ended up bar-hopping until 1am, getting stupid drunk. Decided I was too loaded to walk back to camp, and found a stake truck on the edge of town with the keys in it. Thank Goddess I didn’t get caught or I would have spent some serious jail time (I had a few controlled substances on me at the time as well).

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