Dear Politico

I realize you’resmug, self-satisfied assholes, and that this is kind of your life’s work. I realize any attempt to tell you such is just going to be interpreted as the whining of an Internet lady, and that this is kind of a futile exercise; nevertheless, please stop enabling the crazy uncle who lives in our national attic. He’s an attention whore. It’s a condition. He has a problem, and you’re not helping.


6 thoughts on “Dear Politico

  1. Old whatshisname should soon be going away for life, wearing a striped suit. A secure undisclosed location with guard towers.

  2. Do they not get that the man is batshit crazy? I mean, certifiable. Loony. Ga-ga. One senator short of a filibuster.

  3. Maybe he can tell us exactly how great a jail Guantanamo is by being a prisoner there? I know there is a lot of useful intelligence information I’d like to extract from him – bad ticker or no.
    Guys like Big Time will continue to spout off until they are put down via the justice system. Methinks that once a special prosecutor is appointed, he will STFU and slink away to Dubai or Jackson Hole.

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