4 thoughts on “For My Lord And Master Athenae

  1. You could make several of these with varying content in the squares:
    “Ayn Rand”
    “Government is bad because governments pass bad laws”
    “Quotes German philosophers”
    “Ron Paul”
    “The gold standard”
    “There’s no such thing as racism/sexism/discrimination anymore”
    “There’s no such thing as racism/sexism/discrimination because I’ve never seen any”
    “People should be in control of their own healthcare/money”
    “The market should decide”
    “If there really were a demand for X, there would be lots of it”
    “Insurance companies should have their own militaries” (No word of a lie; uber-glibertarian Eric Raymond at least used to actually espouse this)

  2. Wait, there should also be “I’m a nice guy ™ so women avoid me and date jerks.”
    “women have all the power, at least they did in highschool”
    “If women can have abortions why can’t men choose not to pay child support?”

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