If this thing couldn’t make it, we’re all screwed…

Juicy Campus, the Website that allowed you to anonymously libel peoplereport on the various gossipy things happening on your campus, is no more. If you’ve never visited, the site basically was a listing of college campuses, which allowed students on those campuses to post information they’d received in an anonymous fashion. One of the campuses I used to work on was listed, so when this hit the fan, the student media kids took a look. Oddly, there were some interesting posts about which professors were bad or such, but for the most part, it fit the mold of the “who’s banging who chart.” It gave you the list of sluts, whores and pukers. Y’know, the stuff you need in college.

According to a February 5 blog post by its founder the website “outpaced” its resources and with a dwindling amount of ad revenue, the folks at JC decided to hang up their spikes. They make it clear that the threats from the states’ attorneys general had nothing to do with the closure, nor did the threats of bans by campuses.

So if you’re thinking, “Now how am I going to find out which girls of Zeta Gamma put out?” the Juicy Campus folks have go you covered. JC used the shutdownto pass the torch to a blog that will serve as a substitute gossip site but it’s likely to die on the vine.

Juicy Campus was a lot like the rise of Studio 54, in that it was shocking, unique and captured the wildest imagination at a precise moment in time. After 54 was shut down, a reopening failed because all of those things couldn’t happen again. I somehow doubt we’ll see the confluence of events necessary for the site to rise again. I don’t doubt, however, that we’ll see something else even more vile take its place.

Nature abhors a vacuum. Even when it comes to scummy things.

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  1. Good Riddance !
    Not to mention that just because it is anonymous, that doesn’t excuse it from libel and slander.

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