Go read the Crack Den and thengo read Oliver and then come back.

And, look, I’ve been screaming this for years. There’s no real point in arguing with people who aren’t arguing. They’re not coming up with reasons not to vote for Obama. They’re coming up with excuses for why they just don’ wanna, and it’s pointless to get into it. This is like going out and asking Republicans why they’re not Democrats and never will be, and then using their answers to prove the Democrats are DOING IT WRONG by not appealing to these people, instead of just accepting that some people aren’t Democrats and never will be, shrugging, and moving on to register new voters whose biggest problem isn’t that they got an e-mail but that they got a PINK SLIP. Jesus Marie. The fucking earth is caving in and what we want to do is find a half-dozen dickheads that think an e-mail they got is a reason not to vote for somebody? Let them alone. Being in the company of other morons is punishment enough for them. We’ve got work to do.


5 thoughts on “Gloating/Excuses

  1. 1) OK, if the Martians *AREN’T* stealing my socks – what is happening to them? Answer me that.
    2) Unfortunately, a lot of the dumb reasons for not voting for Obama are things which make me want to vote for him. For example: He is a Muslim – considering the mess we’re in throughout the Middle East, and that the Bush admin hasn’t even figureed out the Sunni Shia thing yet, we NEED someone who understands a little about both the Muslim religion and the history of the Middle East.
    3) Even more unfortunately, I think that the Crack Den and Oliver Willis Over-estimate the average voter. We’re talking about someone who buys an unproven “male enhancement” because Bob looks happy. The voter doesn’t get even as deep as these two estimate. Instead, it is based on a decision made on the first few seconds of hearing about the person.

  2. In the Willis comments someone said that they are looking for the socially acceptable reason to do what they want. “I don’t want to vote for a black man, but I don’t want to be seen as NOT voting for him because he is black.”
    I have seen this lots of times in other decisions. You make the decision then you try and find a “rational” reason to back up the decision. Why did you buy that? “Cause I want it.” isn’t a very good rational reason, so you go back and give that good sounding one instead of the selfish stupid reason.

  3. I have to admit that I’m enjoying this election season quite a bit thus far. It’s fun to watch racist idiots squirming uncomfortably as they realize that our next President just might be an African-American.
    And yes, while the level of idiocy is appalling (i.e. the overreaction to Wesley Clark’s comments about McCain’s qualifications to be Preznit), it’s also amusing. Without trying to sound “elitist,” I love watching a moron trying to mount a rationale for his or her views. Basically, they don’t like Obama because they… they… they… they just don’t. I just hope they forget which day is election day.

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