Go Kids


While there’s an epic level of bitching going on in supposed professional newsrooms about making billions instead of millions, about not knowing how to use the Internet properly, about OMG PEOPLE DON’T READ NO MORES, student journalists continue toshow everybody how it’s done:

Booted from their newsroom, reporters and
editors spent the next several hours huddled under a nearby streetlight
in temperatures that hovered around the mid-30s.

Using the campus wireless network, they texted, Twittered and tapped
away on their laptops. And they poked around campus while police put on
a rare, visible display of force, shotguns at the ready.

10 p.m., I could tell we wouldn’t be able to wander around campus,”
recalled Allison Nichols, the DTH’s editor in chief, who had shivered
through the ordeal in flip-flops, on Monday. “There were a lot of
police with big guns, and they were getting increasingly irritated with
us. They were trying to do their jobs and we were a bunch of kids
trying to figure out what we could do.”

For hours, the paper’s
Web site, kept up to date by that small huddled mass under the
streetlight, was a UNC-CH student’s best source of information.

More from theTar Heel’s site.

It staggers me that there’s not more discussion, online and off, about college journalism in mainstream media crit. This is where the next generation of journalists is being nurtured and trained, and yet most wankerrific discussions of WHITHER THE PRINTED PAGE ignore college papers completely. I don’t know if that’s because they don’t consider them “real” newspapers (and to be fair, some of them aren’t, but the Washington Times keeps getting taken seriously, so …) or the institutions putting these weekend Jerkoff Retreats together don’t consider giving a call to the kids who work down the hall to participate, or what. I can’t think of a better group of people to put the question to than the ones who’ll be doing the job next: What do YOU want?


3 thoughts on “Go Kids

  1. I live in a small town which has one network TV station, and a local newspaper.
    But the college newspaper manages to do a great job of covering local events and make the “real” newspaper and TV station look silly.
    I wish I could get the college newspaper to sell me a subscription. I’d jump at the chance.

  2. My town’s college paper was always better than the Chamber of Commerce rag that poses for the Newark Post. Unfortunately, the reach of the paper into the community, both philosophically and physically, seems to have dropped off (many grocery chains now refuse to allow the free publication now-a-days).

  3. i wuld much rather watch amateur hour on teevee gnews than the shiney flashy shit they got now. teevee gnews is nothing more than costume jewelry.

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