9 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. did he then go make a giant poop?
    my cat often acts very silly and frisky like that just before she goes in to drop a big one.
    more videos of the ferrets!

  2. now imagine being awakened by four 6-month-old cats in the same energetic state…my DVD rack may never recover and the bad landings are beginning to result in claw-marks upside my head

  3. karen, I didn’t check.
    mdh, he can HAZ sedatives if he keeps this up.
    Crapture, hee. A big pile of furry happy playing animals is like the best thing ever.

  4. FERRET POWER! If you could bottle all that frenetic energy you could heat your house with it for a year.
    Fun! I lurves me some ferrets.
    Peace, V.

  5. he’s PUNY. don’t rank up to a speeding 11lb cat leaping from chair to chair to thee and there and zipping off to the other end of the house. not sure if it was poop related. 14lb cat flings himself when he leaps.

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