The Challenge


Once detainees are sent home, even to friendly nations, the United
States has very little influence over what happens to them. Convictions
are not guaranteed. Neither is surveillance by home countries. And for
those allowed to go free, assistance in resuming a normal life is rare.
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// –>Although the United States may never say so publicly,
it is likely to want more explicit promises from the countries where
detainees are repatriated, and the administration will seek the
establishment of rehabilitation programs, along the lines of one inSaudi Arabia, that provide former jihadists with jobs, homes and money to pay for dowries.

But there is also a view in some quarters of the U.S. government that
cases such as Ajmi’s are the inevitable result of locking up 779
foreigners in an austere military prison, without access to courts or
consular representation, and subjecting them to interrogation
techniques that detainees say amount to torture. Some of them are bound
to seek revenge, these officials believe. The challenge is figuring out
which ones.

That’s the challenge, huh? Locking up 779 foreigners in an “austere” military prison and subjecting them to interrogation “techniques” that the GENEVA CONVENTIONS say amount to torture, and our “challenge” is figuring out which ones we need to keep torturing after we “release” them?


While we’re at it, thanks a bunch, President Obama, for making me agree withRight Wing News and its ilk that this is some bullshit. Of course, they think about this primarily in terms of how liberals owe them an apology for being so OMG MEEN:

All statements from Barack Obama come with expiration dates. That’s
something that the HopeandChangizoids have begun to learn just a month
after the dawning of the Age of Obama. A lot of them owe Bush — and us
— apologies.

Yes, you’re absolutely right.Pwned booyah foam finger that’s how we do things downtown bitches, because the rule of law was never a matter of principle, or we would have voted for John McCain.

We are torturing people in secret lawless prisons, and the Washington Post thinks the challenge is to figure out who we need to keep torturing and who we need to buy off, and the wingnut brigade thinks the challenge is that people need to send them Hallmark cards. It’s 8:34 a.m. Monday where I am and I am already exhausted.


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  1. Ya know, George Bush has a certain genius in that when he runs a company into the ground, there is so much debris that it is going to take quite some time just to get rid of the stench.

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