Onion: Obama’s First 100 Days

Between the Vatican and the Freepi, we need some funny:

  • DAY 36: Realizing there are 489 people working in the West
    Wing, Rahm Emanuel tells his secretary to stop buying cupcakes for
    everybody’s birthday.

  • DAY 35: Negotiations between the House and Senate versions of
    the DC Voting Rights bill nearly break down when Senator Arlen Specter
    insists on keeping his doodle of a three-legged pony in the bill.

  • DAY 34: During a difficult moment of a televised address,
    President Obama debuts the evil-looking sock puppet that will speak on
    all unpopular matters from now on.

  • DAY 33: President Obama still hasn’t updated his Twitter account, leaving millions of tweeple tweet-deprived for over a month.

  • DAY 32: Vice-President Joe Biden curses HotGunner79 for outbidding him at last minute on 1970’s Navy bomber jacket.