MoDo and BoBo share a cab

In the first sentence, Maureen Dowd basically warned everyone that her recent column titled“Should Michelle [Obama] Cover Up?” was not fit to print.

Like an idiot, I kept reading.

David Brooks and I were sharing a cab to the British Embassy the other day to meet with Gordon Brown.

In the taxi, when I asked David Brooks about [First Lady Michelle Obama’s] amazing arms, he
indicated it was time for her to cover up. “She’s made her point,” he
said. “Now she should put away Thunder and Lightning.”

David brought up the Obamas’ obsession with their workouts.“Sometimes
I think half the reason Obama ran for president is so Michelle would
have a platform to show off her biceps.”

Sometimes I think I’m a masochist.

11 thoughts on “MoDo and BoBo share a cab

  1. He’s just scared she’ll kick his ass (in one of those gorgeous shifts, without breaking a sweat).
    What a douchebag.

  2. Wow, I always thought David Brooks was a douche, but I didn’t realize he was a closet crossdresser, too. Me-ow.
    Seriously, though, what is his problem? The world is going to hell in a handbasket, and BoBo is worrying about Michelle Obama’s uncovered arms? *This* is what the cocktail weenie crowd spends their time talking about?
    Why do these people still have jobs, when so many Americans are out of work?

  3. The Consrves are upset because the First Family are fit and buffed. They don’t resemble Rush and most of the Repug congress. The Patriarchal fuckmooks’ end time is coming.
    Michelle Darlin’, revel in your bod and just be yourself. The nay-sayers can just fuck off and die.

  4. Sometimes I think David knows he isn’t going to get laid when he goes home.

  5. While MoDo has been a recurring hemorrhoid of repressed sexism, I think this was one of her best smacks at the Washington establishment (and Brooks will never share a goddamn word with her again . . I’m sure she’s crying about it. Really). This is the first time I’ve ready her column focusing on a woman higher up the totem pole than her and not ad infinitum nitpicking.
    The nitpicking section on the diplomatic gifts was all MoDo though, just in case we thought she was replaced by someone with talent. At the same time, you have to wonder who’s the idiot in charge of same gifts.

  6. Dumb Question: Didn’t Laura Bush wear a lot more clothing that didn’t cover her arms?
    Not to mention the pictures of Georgie in shorts and pulling up his pants to show his socks.

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