Greedy Scumbags Killed A Newspaper

And all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

Rot in hell, Hearst:

Despite The Hearst Corp.’s statement Tuesday morning that it hasn’t
decided whether to sell or shut down the Seattle P-I, clues emerged
later in the day suggesting that Hearst plans to close the 146-year-old
paper shortly and will continue operating a Web site.

Staff members learned Tuesday afternoon that boxes and bins are
scheduled to be delivered to the newsroom later this week — some for
materials to be taken home, others for notes that require shredding.

Employees were told to file promptly to be reimbursed for their
expenses. And they were told they can retain their cell phone numbers
if they wish.


One thought on “Greedy Scumbags Killed A Newspaper

  1. If you work for a paper approaching their 150th anniversary, worry.
    The Rocky Mountain News died just weeks from their 150th and the Seattle PI is at 146.

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