3 thoughts on “Because Michael Moore Is Fat

  1. I will say this–I was already becoming skeptical of Geithner’s value as Treasury Secretary. The handling of the AIG bonuses is just exacerbating that. My sense about Geithner is that he doesn’t know or much care about UAW workers. He *does* know and care about people who work for Goldman Sachs, etc., et al.
    This is a man who doesn’t want to pull the trigger on his buddies, even though it is becoming abundantly clear that his buddies fucked the American people, and are now waving our panties to the rest of the world, saying, “So what are you going to do about it?”
    Geithner needs to grow a pair, remember who he signed on to work for, and do right by the American people.

  2. AIG should be nationalized right now. We’re 4/5 of the way there anyway; let’s just do it and take real control.
    Geithner is a wimp, and I’m starting to think the president he works for is, too.

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