Quitting Time Booster Shot

As I watch yet another 12 pound the crap out of another 5 seed, here’s the QTBS for the day…

– Wow. I didn’t even need a reason, butthanks for the excuse! Funny story that goes with this: A student who used to babysit for us tells this story about a family she used to nanny for. The 4-year-old was at school and being told she needed to eat her lunch, especially the peas. When the kid was pressed one too many times by the lunch lady, the girl turned to her and said, “I don’t want any more fucking peas!” Aghast, the woman told the principal who called the girl’s mother at work. “What do you want us to do?” the principal asked. Without pausing a second, the woman said, “Well, for starters, I wouldn’t give her any more peas…”

– It only took about 50 yearsfor feminine hygiene ads to get to this point. I must admit, I’ll missthese commercials, because they’re so realistic. (The Missus always starts off each cycle with a dance around the house to a disco beat, joined by several members of the Spice Girls.)And who can forget this classic? I’m waiting for the Viagra commercials to get this realistic. “Dad? I’ve got to ask you something personal… Do you bone Mom?” “I sure do, son, but only after I take a pill that makes this a lot less like shooting pool with a rope…”

– Of course, we could just go this route…

– My high school needed to be much, much cooler, apparently.

This is one of those amazing bits of investigative journalism that could only be done by students. First, it’s that sense that the source probably figured the kid would be too dumb to catch him. Second, the kid likely has the fire in the belly that hasn’t been put out yet by years of the grind. Finally, student newspapers aren’t firing people to help meet profit margins. Still, it’s one of those stories that would be even more amazing if it weren’t so creepy.

The church is apparently trying to get people to give up their tech during Lent. Uh… I gave up meat on Fridays, beer on weekdays and pretty much ever imagining that I’ll make the afterlife for Lent. I’m keeping my damned Twitter account open. PS- Tell His Holiness if he wants people to take him seriously, he needs to stop YouTubing. Y’know, that whole thing about being without sin and casting the first stone…

– This is just an amazingly cool read about something most of us will never do.

– And finally, from the “There’s being an Asshole and then there’s REALLY being an Asshole” department: The Missus is taking a class from a guy who is bailing at the end of the semester for another university, so he has no interest in doing anything decent for the class. He had them buy seven books and then changed the read list after two weeks to include none of the books. He changed his mind on the syllabus five times, including twice about the midterm. But this takes the cake: he sent an email today changing the midterm to a paper that’s due Wednesday. Today was the start of Spring Break.

Thanks for letting me share your air. See you all next week.


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  1. A school-based fight club runs counter to the last decade or more of research into school discipline, said Dr. Russ Skiba, who directed the Safe and Responsive Schools Project at Indiana University.
    Um … no shit?

  2. About the student journalist – Am I the only one who thinks this isn’t “Investigative Journalism”, requiring special care and notice, but really what journalists should ALWAYS do? I’m happy for her, she did good, but that we treat something like this as out of the ordinary saddens me. What was out of the ordinary was the the subject, and that she had the chance to follow the story. Most reporters, in similar non-collegiate stories, would have never been given the freedom to go back and ask a hard question when appropriate.

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