Saturday Blogwhoring Thread


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4 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. pansypoo says:

    just the same picture show, but more encyclopedia.

  2. liprap says:

    Found a nice chat via the Tweeter Tube between Bill Simmons and Chuck Klosterman, in which the death of journalism is discussed:
    Yes, it’s called the BS Report. Quit giggling and listen to how Athenae’s cabal is winning this conflict.

  3. MapleStreet says:

    I’ve been amused for a couple of ideas that the big-business Bushies, by ruining the economy, are the ones who set up the banks for failure.

  4. missy says:

    Post on Richardson’s decision to end capital punishment in New Mexico vs. the struggle of Obama to maintain the illusion of “stability” in the financial marketshere.

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