How Dare You, Sir? I Say, How Dare You?!11!OMG!!!BBQ!

Oh, God, now they’re going after Notre Dame. Release the flying monkeys!


The word “perfidy” derives from the Latin “perfidus,” that is,
“faithless” or “detrimental to faith”; it is also synonymous with
“treachery,” or “violation of allegiance or trust.” The University of
Notre Dame’s decision to honor President Obama as its commencement
speaker in May is perfidious and treacherous in the extreme.


6 thoughts on “How Dare You, Sir? I Say, How Dare You?!11!OMG!!!BBQ!

  1. What, they do something besides play football there (badly, I might add)?

  2. I suggest that all conservative Notre Dame students transfer to Big Ten schools in protest. Scratch that…you have to be accepted to a school in order to transfer. Just transfer to Boston College or something.

  3. Meanwhile, at UCLA:
    “A group of UCLA students are protesting the selection of ’08 alum James Franco, star of Milk and Pineapple Express, as their commencement speaker. Senior Erin Moore, who is attempting to drum up support on Facebook, told EW’s Hollywood Insider blog that she believes the university should have chosen a keynote speaker who’s accomplished more than juggling classes and a movie career, which she finds commendable but not particularly inspirational.”
    Kids today.

  4. Also, didn’t George W. Bush give the commencement address at Notre Dame in 2001? Even though he hadn’t illegally invaded Iraq at this point, he did recklessly embrace the death penalty — which is against Catholic teachings. Did anyone cry “perfidy” then? (I’m not saying they didn’t … I really am asking).
    It just seems like conservatives have abortion on the brain and conveniently ignore the death penalty because it doesn’t fit into their neat little culture of lifieness.

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