It Wasn’t Just The Jokey Bullshit, Morons

Jesus. Politico, attempting to WIN THE MORNING:

Seeking to rebound from his widely-panned rebuttal of Obama’s address
to Congress last month, Jindal took repeated aim at the new president.
Conservatives have embraced Jindal as a 2012 GOP hopeful, but his stiff
delivery in his TV address last month made many wonder whether he’s
ready for prime time.

It wasn’t just his delivery, you trivial dipshits. It was that he got up and offered the same tired crap we’ve been hearing for 30 years about how the government doesn’t need to pay for anything, we just all need to believe in unicorns and faeries and cotton candy that grows on trees and the ability of rich choads to decide for themselves that they can abide by rules they make up and not make as much money anymore because it’s good for America and apple pie and Bristol Palin’s children and by the way did you know I TOTALLY RESCUED PEOPLE IN BOATS except not so much because of bureaucrats except not so much again and we don’t need to watch volcanos to see if they’re about to blow up and whoops one did this week and Nancy Pelosi wants to use your tax dollars to make mice gay and now it’s time for my nap someobdy find my teething ring fuck you Al Gore.

Seriously. His grinning toolishness didn’t help, but he could have delivered that speech with the gravity and skill of Jesus on the mount and it would still have been “widely panned.”


4 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Just The Jokey Bullshit, Morons

  1. The Free Market Fairy will pull pixie dust out of her butt and POOF! There’s a school! POOF! There’s money to pay firemen and police! POOF! There’s a new interstate!
    Oh, and the big scaree guvmint is teh evviill, but multi-national corporations always have our best interests in mind. This I know cos Atlas Shrugged told me so.

  2. It seems like the repubs have a bad case of hero worship and all-or-nothing thinking. Reagan was a saint. Bush in office was going to be the next saint (now that he is out of office, his image has cracked and he is a bum…).
    Now they’re trying to make Jindall the next saint. But his “reply” didn’t even address what was in the president’s speech.

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