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So I was watching the re-run of the Colbert Report last night and they were playing this bit thatScout linked to earlier:

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From the siteof the crazy:

The 9-12 Project is designed to bring us all back to the place we
were on September 12, 2001. The day after America was attacked we were
not obsessed with Red States, Blue States or political parties. We were
united as Americans, standing together to protect the greatest nation
ever created.

That same feeling – that commitment to country is what we are hoping
to foster with this idea. We want to get everyone thinking like it is
September 12th, 2001 again.

You do? Really? God, I know it shouldn’t surprise me at this point but thenarcissism, honestly. It took 3,000 dead people to make Glenn Beck and his fellow freaks feel like they had a purpose in life and were I his or their therapist I might feel inclined to explore that further but as someone who was walking around on Sept. 12, 2001 all I can say is it’scompletely fucking sick.

How self-involved do you have to be to make a terrorist attack about how you felt about your inner Republican? How tiny and selfish and pathetic do you have to be to need a national disaster, a terrorist attack, to give your life meaning? What on EARTH are you doing all day every day if it takes THAT to wake you up? We heard this over and over starting about two weeks after, a parade of jackoffs on the local news autowittering on about how 9/11 made them go back to church or love their families more, and all I could think then and now was what the chocolate croissantfuck is the matter with you that you don’t love your family now?

(And hey, maybe your family sucks. Should all their suckitude go away because somebody else’s family got dead? Is that how it works?)

Tragedies that happen to othe people can be wake-up calls to us all, sure, but to cant about it in public, to make that tragedy out to be some kind of benefit to you and thus make it okay? To talk about the silver lining of a mass murder? Think, people, reason. Is that ever something anyone should do? In front of the people who actually did suffer? That’s fucking parasitic. Take your neediness elsewhere. To your shrink’s couch, maybe. That’s the only person obligated to give a shit.

If your life doesn’t have meaning, if you don’t value the people who love you, if you lack purpose in the world and a sense of dedication and direction, Glenn Beck can’t fix that for you and 9/11 sure as shit can’t. And if you need reminding what you are all about, you need to carve out some space in your schedule to figure it out without picking up a burning Twin Towers T-shirt at Ground Zero.

More than that, I really do dispute the idea that we’ve all lost our way here somehow. News to the north, but a pretty healthy portion of Americans have always valued their lives and their work and the people who loved them, have always loved their country and always felt closely tied to its purpose and their own. The critical assumption Beck and his mouthbreathing followers are making is that everybody sucks as much as they do, and I think I can speak for the rest of America when I say thanks for your concern but we’re doing just fine with our sense of self-worth out here.


ps. Oh, and some of us, on 9/12?Were fucking assholes.

6 thoughts on “9-12 People

  1. So, all train, airline and other such vital services are to be stopped? All companies actually making things work/happen in major metroplexes are to shut down in case of another attack???
    THAT’S what I remember about Sept 12. Silence. Eerie silence. Forboding. Fear (valid or not about future events). Mourning. Confusion. The theft of our civil rights/freedoms because of ‘teh eebil bad brown men the Feds LET train and get where they did’ might attack again. These are things I don’t care for (other than the desired silence of my neighbor’s loud obnox dog, that would be permissible).
    Let’s start a pre-Commander Codpiece being given the highest office in the land group…THAT’s what I want – a country that wasn’t out to preemptively strike and start essentially “land wars in Asia” (hat tip Vizzini) that languish for years and empty our treasury into greedy contractors hands, and destroy our military. A country that didn’t deregulate everything and let the reins loose as the cliffs loomed. A country that could have had a President Gore that moved us in the environmentally sound direction. I would MUCH rather the trillion(s) spent on the bullshit war in Iraq been spent at home for healthcare for all, making our industries green, breaking ground w/environmentally sustaining technologies.
    But no – we have to have loonies wanting a 9/12 mindset. Loonies that would rather kvetch, wring their hands and tear at their hair because the Queen of England received a second iPod, and the PM was given classic American movies on the wrong Region of dvd type (like Gordon Brown doesn’t have access to a converter or have an American one w/a plug adapter, please). That is what people of the red state type are screeching over…seriously??? Oh, the embarrassment, the shame… Um, last I checked the Queen reached to put her arm around First Lady Michelle Obama – breaking her own protocol w/o being “the Bushwhacked Merkle Backrub of Shame”.

  2. On 9/12, everyone was emotional. Scared, confused, angry, sad, the entire gamut of negative emotions. That’s a really bad place to be in and make critical decisions. After people have calmed down and can look at situations a little more critically, they back down from their initial reactions. And these asshats want to stay there, in the freaking out mode.
    Actually, that describes the right very well. Scared little boys who lash out at perceived threats or any disagreement. It will be tiring to defeat them, but not difficult.

  3. Well, it’s not like we’re facing any kind of enormous crisis that calls for compassion and generosity right now, one that would benefit from the country coming together, not to mention care and oversight.
    Not one that involves guns, anyway.
    To me it feels more like they want a mulligan. The nation did show considerable empathy and loyalty after 9/11… and the Bush administration traded on that to run off like a bunch of crazy people and fuck everything up. Beck’s 9/12 thing feels like creepy wish fulfillment.
    The only thing that makes me feel like Glenn Beck isn’t actually dangerous is that he’s so incoherent. One of my friends compared him to Father Coughlin, but I can’t figure out what the fuck Beck actually stands for other than “America” and “ratings.” I think he watchedNetwork and confused it withPatton.
    I really wish there was some Nielsen metric that would distinguish between people who watch Glenn Beck because they think he’s a great man and people who watch it because it’s engrossing to watch a lunatic on television.

  4. As above, 9/12 people were frightened. Glenn Beck seems to weep tears to show the peril the country is in and won’t survive. (Why didn’t he weep tears during the Bush years for a 9/12 people).
    I like Colbert’s idea of forming a 10/31 people much better.

  5. 9/10 was even better methinks. but i seem to remember a TOGETHERNESS on 9/11. unity, except of darth cheeney and the bushevics.

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