6 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. Beautiful photo.
    It’s so refreshing to see President Obama embraced by our allies and to see him show good manners overseas (including honoring Russia and China by accepting offers to visit their soil first). We’re talking to Iran, we’re working on arms treaties with Russia, China is helping in the fiscal crisis. It sounds like a 3rd grade book report on how diplomacy works but it’s real.

  2. I love the barely suppressed and genuine smile of delight on the bobby’s face, and the fact that even in passing, our Prez would have the courtesy to shake his hand.

  3. Why do they hate us?
    Next Stop: Can Obama get the Buckingham Palace guard to smile?
    Seriously though, I agree with above. The Bobbie is clearly keeping his post but rather happy to meet the president.

  4. Here’s my caption:
    “About bloody time you Yanks stopped voting like a bunch of wankers!”

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