Dishpan Hands = Wingnut War Wound

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Interesting that for all the bellowing, bloviating, braying and whatnot about living in a post 9-11 world–you know, the need to chuck nanny state niceities like the Constitution into the garbage can and assume the steeliest of steely-eyed gazes in order to take on the grim, bloody, manly chore of terrorist eradication, innocent life be damned…anyway, it’s interesting to see what REALLY sticks in their craw.

Dishwasher detergent.“Give me phosphates or give me death!” I didn’t know they’d wash their field issue (but never actually, you know, used in the field) mess kits in automatic dishwashers. Guess it does a better job on the Cheeto stains.

But hey, now they’ve got some REAL war stories to trade–“yeah, look at these fingernails. Got ’em in ’09–I was down in the shit and never saw the Brillo pad. Sink water’s deceptive that way. Scratched me up something awful. Now I can barely type for more than a few minutes at a stretch.”

“Stu’s got it worse, though: wrinkles that won’t go away. Damned libruls and their regulations. But just wait: a friend’s gonna hook me up with some vintageCalgonite — Reagan era. He’s got at least three boxes stashed away in a basement near Pullman.”

“Some day, this war’s gonna end.”

2 thoughts on “Dishpan Hands = Wingnut War Wound

  1. i love roundy’s store brand detergent. no phosphates. way better than dawn. urea. tho the label not loger says that in case people know that’s pee.
    or environmental safe. fuck dawn. damn. dishes. they never end.

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