So … What’s my Dickhead Idealogue Asshat of a US Senator Up to Lately?

Wow, being on the opposition for a change really seems to have exhilarated my esteemed US Senator, Big Bad John Cornyn lately, hasn’t it?

In addition to sticking his nose into the Franken/Coleman Minnesota contest as it continues to plod through the federal courts(World War III!!! Could take years!), Cornyn’s also taken pains to let the world know he’s just not down with dropping Global War on Terra in favor ofOverseas Contingency Operation (OCO). Well, “OCO this” sez Miss Thing:

” this change in rhetoric will not change the fact that radical Islamic fundamentalists seek to destroy our way of life and spend every waking moment devising new ways to spread their hate-filled ideology. It is my hope that President Obama would instead see the Global War On Terror for what it truly is – a critical effort to protect Americans and ensure that future generations will be able to live in freedom as well. Many of our military leaders refer to the effort as ‘the Long War,’ recognizing that it will not be won overnight, much like the Cold War took decades to win. It is my sincere hope that President Obama will reassess his priorities, abandon this rhetorical effort and outline his detailed strategy for fighting and winning the Global War On Terror.”

And Big Bad isn’t stopping there with the prissy threats, either. He’s also got his chaps in a twist about the Obama White House’s slapdown last week when Republicans had to be remindedthat Texas Dems now have skin in the game when it comes to the judicial selection process in the state.

For years, the state’s Republican senators screened applicants for lifetime spots on the federal bench in Texas and for powerful U.S. attorney posts. As recently as last week, they refused to cede that prerogative and claimed the administration was behind them.

That left Texas Democrats – the third-largest delegation of Democrats on Capitol Hill – steamed enough to summon the president’s top lawyer, Greg Craig, and insist on public reassurance that Democrats get to pick judges under a Democratic administration.

After he got an earful for 75 minutes Monday, his office issued a clarification.

“No federal judge, U.S. attorney or U.S. marshal will be nominated by the president … unless that person has the confirmed support of the Texas Democratic delegation,” the White House said Tuesday.

Thus ended a test of wills that has played out for two months in meetings between Craig and the dozen House Democrats from Texas, and between Craig and Sens. John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison.

The Cornyn/KBH response? Holding their breath till they get their way, apparently.

“The day that we elect a Democrat to the United States Senate in Texas, they are entitled to function as they would with a Democratic president,” he said Thursday. “I’m not going to delegate my responsibility to anybody else.”

But see, it’s all okay because his heart’s in the right place: Cornyn stressed his vigilance was necessary to avoid the judicial selection process becoming “too partisan.”

The White House wasn’t having any of it, though, reiterating their position. Cornyn and KBH went back in the huddle with their lawyers, then Cornyn issued another statement:

“Nobody needed to rattle any sabers, and that certainly that wasn’t my goal,” Cornyn told reporters a few hours later. “There’s a little bit of a misunderstanding. … I think you’ll see a written clarification from the White House.”

Oddly enough, that didn’t happen. White House spokesman Ben LaBolt:

“There will be no further written clarification,” he said. “We don’t think there’s any confusion.”

Oh, snap.

(UPDATED: because “enervated” and “exhilarated” are different things. )


5 thoughts on “So … What’s my Dickhead Idealogue Asshat of a US Senator Up to Lately?

  1. Yep, I always say I have NO representation…what with Cornyn, Hutchison and Lamar Smith, there ain’t nobody representing me there in DC.

  2. “So … What’s my Dickhead Idealogue Asshat of a US Senator Up to Lately?”
    Thank God it was Big John you were referring to…I thought at first that it had to mean another sordid tale of one or both of our South Carolina Senators, one gay (fine if he’d admit it), and the other one dumber than a box of rocks sitting on big bag of dog shit (not fine under any circumstances).

  3. “Enervated” means the opposite of what you think it means.
    But… yeah. Big Bad John and The Breck Girl are mine too.

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