So You Try It With An Axe


The Truth Hurts
TheTribune‘s Sunday magazine published a letter to the editor this week from S. L. Wisenberg, of Chicago, that read in part:

“I was disturbed by the first sentence of your interesting cover
story about North Kenwood/Oakland. It began: ‘In a part of Chicago you
may never have heard of . . . ‘

“The assumption is that the reader is a white North Sider or suburbanite who does not venture south of Roosevelt Road.”

The author of the article in question, Charles Leroux, responded in part:

“The assumption that the bulk ofTribune readership is white, suburban and does not venture south of Roosevelt Road is based in statistical fact.”

But hey, it’s fine, because the paper that did cover the South Side is part of the company that just filed for bankruptcy, so they’re covered. Frack me.