3 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. Looks miserable. My heart goes out to them.
    However, as this has been a big thread here (and in political pundits talking) : At least based on the pictures of the houses, my guess is that the owners of the pictured house have much more ability to take their car and rent a room at the hotel than the folks in the lower 9th.

  2. GMTA, Maple Street.
    High school kids building dikes.
    Sandbags, police escorts for dike building materials.
    Firefighters helping.
    Got to wonder whether Nagin/Blanco didn’t see Katrina on the TV and go, “hell with this, tell everybody to run” and call it good, back in the day.
    I know, I know. You can’t have HS kids build sandbag dikes in the bayous. Otherwise Galveston and Houston would’ve been doing that before Ike.

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