Finding A Use For A Mickey Kaus Post

In publishingthis excruciatingly boring excerpt from a list of people bullshitting with each other, he quotes someone saying something that’s always pissed me off:

A friend of mine who works for Pelosi and has been active in California
politics for a long time claims that Savage’s bizarre, racist, homophobic
schtick is a complete act. He knows Savage a bit–or at least did when
Savage started his show. This obviously does not excuse it in any way, but
for Savage listeners it is interesting to think about.

Why do dickheads like Savage and his supposed real-life friends think this kind of thing is a defense? If it’s an act, to make money or achieve some other end, I mean as with most things wingnut the truth makes matters more repugnant, not less. I’d have LESS respect for Savage knowing this was some “character” he created to cash in than thinking this was really a reflection of his innermost thoughts and convictions.

I’m more inclined to see this as a dodge for getting out of being the kind of socially radioactive scumbag children spit at in the street than a genuine attempt at explanation, thanks.

Once you’ve told a caller to your show to get AIDS and die, there’s really nothing you can say after that to redeem yourself. After that, it’s pretty much a decision tree of how much more additionally fucked you wind up. You’re already going to hell, now it’s just a matter of picking your circle.


5 thoughts on “Finding A Use For A Mickey Kaus Post

  1. Agreed about Savage, but it’s not clear that it’s a defense so much as a logical explanation of why he hasn’t been committed. I’m more willing to believe that it’s the worst, most cynical thing ever than that it’s real and yet he hasn’t ended up in a padded room.
    That Kaus post is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet. The big reveal of the giant secret liberal conspiracy turns out to be a bunch of shit-talking of Marty Peretz, which is totally surprising and shocking if you’ve never read a liberal blog. It’s like Ahab spearing his own foot and announcing he’s bagged Moby Dick.
    Next week, Kaus discovers “Mickey Kaus blows goats” meme, head explodes, incredulous blogosphere wonders why he never set up a Google Alert.

  2. Thanks for writing this. I get these comments all the time from people about Brian Sussman, or Lee Rodgers or Melanie Morgan. Many liberals want to believe no one could be that evil. I hear it from people regarding Ann Coulter, ‘It’s an act.’
    At this point I don’t care if she rescues baby seals in her spare time, she says horrible nasty stuff and needs to be shunned by all. And since shunning isn’t something the right does (or the producers of TV shows) then we need to expose something in their “real life” that is so horrific that they aren’t really welcome no matter how many book they sell to right wing think tanks and mentally ill people.

  3. People say that sort of thing all the time. It is code for something, but I haven’t been able to figure out what, yet.
    Sorta like saying a serial killer who has just been arrested is a good neighbor or some guy who goes on a murderous rampage had a good heart. Words, deeds, deeply vile, but a good heart. I don’t think that is possible, but it doesn’t keep people from saying it right regular.
    The line between fiction and non-fiction has been blurred so badly by the corporate media that hate filled bigotry is now considered entertainment. Gah.

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