Friday Cat Blogging

The reclusive Willie B pops out for a few seconds to say Hello:

9 thoughts on “Friday Cat Blogging

  1. that’s HILARIOUS!!!!!!

  2. MapleStreet says:

    Love it. Plus I love the Cat Dancer.

  3. Adrastos says:

    Damn, I’ve missed wee Willie B.

  4. Athenae says:

    WOOT! Willie B!

  5. Michael says:

    Glad to see he looks to be doing well.

  6. pansypoo says:

    MORE WILLIE! he needs a pal. cats are best with pairs. or THREE!

  7. Did he see his shadow?

  8. hoppy says:

    Well, that’s one more rumor shot down. I heard that Willie was last seen on an empty boxcar heading west from St. Louis.

  9. The Other Sarah says:

    hey, willie B! Skritches, dude.

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