25 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: Your Turn

  1. Have you ever worked for a small town weekly? Does “Hooked on Ferrets” really work for you?

  2. A., didn’t you work on the Howard Dean blog back about 10 years ago?

  3. Is the analogy of the print news media as the dinosaur with one foot stuck in the tar pit of history while furry little bloggers scurry about building the future an apt metaphor?

  4. Did you ever feel later in life that a book you were assigned to read in high school would have served you better if you read it as an adult?

  5. Is journalism and writing your true passion, or is there something you’d chuck it all for in a New York minute?

  6. You are good at getting things done (editor of a college paper, two books published, newspaper column) but I’m guessing you also have probably had a bunch of ideas rejected along the way. What have you learned along the way that helps you balance the successes against the rejections and still come out each day with such fire?

  7. A., do you think the corporate owners of today’s newspapers are killing them intentionally? Their business models are so poor, it seems that way to me.

  8. Have you ever considered writing fiction?
    You write so beautifully and compellingly of the human condition. I never watched BSG, but always came over here late Friday nights to see what you had written about the show. I’d read your sci-fi novel.
    And what El Gato Negro said. I originally came for the rants, but I stayed for the prose.

  9. In the BSG finale, what the hell is the significance of the bird flying around Lee’s apartment?

  10. If you had the power to change one thing–just one thing only–in America, what would it be?
    Think big, girl.

  11. Any book recommendations? Not a lifetime of reading, just cool shit you’re telling your friends about now.

  12. What’s your desert island album? I’ll make it easier- what are the three albums you want on that island to make life worthwhile?

  13. If you could relive one moment in your life to savor it maybe more than you did at the time, what would it be?
    Also, was the Buffalo train trip the best crazy-ass, sleep-deprived, “holy-shit-it’s-Mike-Eruzione” moment you ever had?

  14. What were the three biggest decision points in your life? Do you think that you chose well at the time? Looking back now?

  15. How do you face each day, knowing that shit will always be terrible?

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