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  1. Right, ’cause getting to know people never helped anybody communicate.
    You know what you have to have in this country to own an M-60 legally? A license. It’s a dealer’s license or a collector’s license. You don’t have to take a course in handling the weapon or storing the weapon or keeping the community safe from idiots misusing the weapon.
    You just have to pay the fee (and pass the laughable background test in some states).
    Kinda like owning and operating a car, or a car lot.
    Oh, wait. That’s not a fair comparison, ’cause cars never kill anybody. Drunk drivers, stupid drivers, drivers yapping on their cell phones, never cause or get into accidents. Pissed off drivers never run anybody over then back up and hit ’em again to be sure they don’t get up.
    Why do people go all white-eyed irrational over firearms? I don’t know, actually. But I’m a motorcyclist, too, so maybe I’ve got some kind of adrenaline-rush addiction (actually, having had jobs in cop shops, newsrooms, and public health, I know damn good and well I have an adrenaline-rush addiction) that other people either don’t have or can’t fathom or both. What I said wasn’t that you personally ought to have more or bigger firearms; what I said was you ought to make yourself acquainted with people who do. Since you brought it up, the Second Amendment says “shall not be abridged,” so I reckon if a person wanted to “keep and bear arms” that would cover the argument that, um, yeah, it is a right.
    Being me I think a responsibility to understand ’em, maintain ’em, store ’em safely and use ’em reasonably (that is to say if you’re target-plinking don’t do it in the kitchen in one of these thin-walled apartment complexes, and if you’re suicidal don’t include an office full of innocent people who don’t share your death wish, and if you’re a rat fink then you’re a rat fink whether your armament of choice is a Bowie knife, a cast-iron skillet, a half-brick, a big rock, a Louisville slugger, a length of pipe or a Walther) goes right along with that right; but that I am an exception to the rule follows not just from the way I treat firearms but from the way I treat driving my truck.
    Oh, and you know what’s really amazing about grenades? You can put the pin back. Yeah, you have to be quick and you have to be careful and you have to first and foremost NOT PANIC, but you can put the pin back.
    I don’t think the suicidal maniac in Binghamton was a regular attendant at gun shows. The guy who laid in wait for those cops in Pennsylvania was, not to put too fine a point on it, a rat fink. As were those two young jerks in Columbine High School. As were the original cast of the Symbionese Liberation Army. As was James Earl Ray. As was Jack Ruby. The problem isn’t the inanimate objects, it’s the *tools* who misuse them — and clinging to the notion that any and everybody who participates in something like that shooting contest just because you can’t imagine it being anything but awful is just another prejudice, just another excuse to whine about how mistreated you are. So yes, again, you’re just like Hannity, Beck, Dodson and the rest of the crazies. You don’t want to see that there’s any answer except the one you want to impose.
    My reply to that is very simple, but this is a family-friendly blog.
    So instead I’ll say this again.
    They are people. They are no more inherently evil than they would be if they were (and some of them probably are, you reckon?) gay. Only a fool wouldn’t be scared of them? Only a fool wouldn’t be willing to allow that they are people, they have hopes and dreams and fears and ideas and they will bleed if you cut them and the blood will be just as red as Jesus’s was or Matthew Shepard’s was or yours is or mine is.
    They’re people. Being dead-set against them because they’re not, oh, I dunno, your racing buddies or in your basketball pool at work — what does that say about you?

  2. SHUD-DER… The worst thing is that these people actually BELIEVE this stuff and aren’t just doing it to be contrary assholes.

  3. So, real Americans are murderous thugs, who admire Mexican and Columbian drug gangs, and want to emulate their hobby of machine gunning automobiles. Thank God I don’t live in real America.

  4. Anger and fear are the most dangerous weapons of the Right and they have become experts in deploying them. They want their power back come hell or high water – voters be damned. The whole militia thing was hauled out of the trash during Clinton’s time and now they’re being polished off against Obama.
    The ignorant…no, stupid base of the right need to be frightened. They thrive on it, get their kicks from it. They sold their souls long ago to be this way. Guns and violence are like biscuits and gravy to them. You can’t reason with them because reason and logic interfere with their fear and hatred. Their little brains get confused when you put facts in.
    This is how the National Socialist Party got started in Germany in the 1920’s. Exploit people’s fears and anger into a violent ‘us or them’ kind of rhetoric. Pick a group of people that are inherently different than most and demonize them. Blame all of society’s ills on their causes and put the government in their pockets. Stir until it overheats.
    The Right Wing was blindsided by Obama’s election. They were counting on Hillary Clinton becoming the Democratic nominee. They were all ready to come out after her. They didn’t get the right nominee to take on Obama and the people were ready for a change. The GOP underestimated the people dislike for all things Bush and through extension, the GOP.
    Dave Neiwert’s book is out. I’m getting a copy as soon as I can.

  5. Criminitly, people, get a grip.
    You know what makes this an outrage? Your fear. You’re afraid of these people. You’re afraid that they might come for you in the dark some night.That makes you exactly like them, except they’re afraid of you.
    Yes, they’re afraid. They’re very afraid. In the last 8 years they’ve had their “dear leader” and Limbaugh and the preachers propping them up as good and righteous and real and hardworking and persecuted for their faith and their virture (as if). Now, they face reality. Eight years after the 2000 election, reality is even less appealing for them than it was before W took them on his unconstitutional sleighride.
    Some of ’em, maybe, need to be afraid. Not in the way you need to be afraid if you’ve done something truly outstandingly stupid (cf name-your-Wall-Streeter, W, Rumsfeld or Scooter Libby, not to mention the CEOS at GM/Chrysler in the last 8 to 10 years), but need to be afraid the way regular people need to be recognized for their achievements or loved in spite of their faults. It’s a psychological need.
    It’ll manifest in evil giggles and stoopid ads (Muslim divorce? Really? Hell, all a man’s got to do is say “I divorce you” three times in front of witnesses. What for would he need a scimitar?) and idjit T-shirts.
    Some of ’em, maybe, need to be afraid because yeah, they have or are fixin’ to do something really outstandingly stupid (cf Timothy McVeigh).
    You want to win this battle? Stop being afraid. Ask ’em about rate of fire or range. Ask ’em about the cost of ammunition or the price of target (clay or metal). Talk to ’em. Funny how just not cranking up the pressure through omission works the same way depressurization through commission does.
    You want to beat the fear? Meet it with something besides your own fears uppermost in your mind.
    The base of the right is, by the way, different — but stupid isn’t how I’d characterize ’em, or they’d’ve all earned their Darwin awards by now and the rest of us would be left to run the world the way it should be run in peace everlasting and paradise fulfilled, forever and ever, amen. Yes, some of them are ignorant; some of them CHOOSE to be ignorant but some of them also haven’t had a chance not to be. Some of the kids in those pictures would be marvelous engineers, architects, designers, friends, if you gave ’em the chance; same way with their parents. (Okay, notsomuch with Taitz, but a bimbo is still a bimbo.)
    I disagree that most of them have sold their souls. Guns and violence?? Biscuits and gravy?
    It’s a lot more visceral than that. Guns are tools. You use them for hunting. You use them to defend your chickens against foxes, your goats against roaming stray dogs, your horses and your cows against the thief in the shiny diesel pickup with the two-axle trailer.
    Give it a rest already. There’s a Democrat in the White House. It’s time to think about the good we can do in the world. Stop obsessing over gun control. Gun control comes out of a bad place — outlawing Saturday night specials was a racist measure, designed to leave poor people (who were by and large brown people stuck with buying what they could find and afford instead of strolling into an emporium and picking out the latest customized Desert Eagle) without guns.
    Is it excessive to shoot up a car with an ex-military weapon? I dunno. I’d rather see ’em out there ventilating junk cars than going postal in someplace like Binghamton or Meridian MS or Compton CA and shooting up people in some vainglorious last act of self-destruction.
    And, full disclosure, I’m a vet. The one thing I still miss from the Air Force is my M-60 machine gun. Damn thing is awkward as all hell except for when you’re firing it — but lemme tell ya, to beat firing the M-60? Gotta be full-on chocolate.

  6. Talk about blind sided. Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachmann, O’ Reilly, Limbaugh, Hewitt, Gingrich, damn close to the entire Fox Network…need I go on? Each of these people have been pushing the panic button on the inbreds of the gun crowd for months. We’re not talking about real people who have a 30-06 to shoot a 4pt buck or a 12 gauge with bird shot to go hunt chukar; I’m talking about those goons that live to gather every kind of illegal (or formerly illegal) assault weapon there is. Many of those even find a way to get fully automatics or explosives.
    Yes, I’m scared of them. Only a fool wouldn’t be. Let them know you’re a liberal and watch the fireworks. I’ve seen it happen, I’m from a rural community that has had its share of redneck wars. My politics give these people fits and if push comes to shove, they’ve got much more firepower than I do. I won’t change what I am for them but I’m damn well not going to walk into the heart of Dixie with a target on my chest. Just look at the news for the last few years. The guy who shot up a church in Tennesee, the unibomber, Timothy freaking McVey; all of them were led to believe they were being pursued. Someone fed them a line of BS that set them off.
    No one hunts with an AK-47. No one. The only reason to have one is to shoot a bunch of people or one person a bunch of times. Who will it be? Someone’s gonna get shot, that’s a given. They don’t make those guns to sit on a shelf. Who is it going to be? A burgler? A rapist? A bible salesman? One of your kids? There are always going to be guns in this country. But where do we draw the line?
    Sarah, you make the point that all guns should be legal, even your precious M-60. So, we should make fully automatic weapons legal. Let anyone buy one, no background check, no waiting, just pony up the cash and here ya go! Just got out of jail, no prob … here’s your Uzi. Spent 10 years psychotic in a rubber room? I guess you’re cured, one AK-47 coming up. It’s already like that in Texas, California, and Arizona. Where do you think all those drug lords are getting their guns from? Unregulated American gun shows in those states.
    You like firing that M-60? I was in the military as well and I’ve shot one of those. You know, it wasn’t all that. I had much more fun on the Ginza in Japan or Green Street in Busan, Korea than shooting a damn gun. Get real. Owning a gun isn’t just a right, it’s a responsibility. The gun community has to come to grips with the dangerous situation they’ve created. The assault ban should be reinstated, period. Not all guns, just the ones that were illegal before.
    You were wrong, the people ventilating the cars are the ones who shot up Binghamton, Meridian HS, the Unitarian Church in Tennessee and killed the cops in Pennsylvania. The bullshit being sold at those swap meets help fuel hatred and fear of Obama, Democrats and especially Liberals. Those people aren’t joking, they really want to do us harm. It’s not a lack of will that’s kept them from acting on it, it’s a lack of courage. And courage like that can come from anywhere.
    It’s like pulling the pin out of a grenade. Eventually, it will blow.

  7. The people in my basketball pool at work don’t want to fill me full of holes because I’m a liberal or kill my president because he’s trying to cure the open wound of the last eight years. These people do. You can see it, smell it, and apparently take pictures of it. You find nothing wrong with these people, what does that say about you?
    To put the pin back in a grenade is touchy and you have to be very careful. But why pull it in the first place?

  8. Gun shows are arranged around a protection and celebration of the American right to keep and bear arms.
    So how come they seem to like Hitler so much?

  9. You know, I think maybe y’all are letting the rhetoric of the profiteers get under your skins too much.
    It will do you good to go over to Media Matters and listen to the audio of caller Charles, from Chicago, smacking down Rush Limbaugh on his own bloviating show.
    It will help a bit if you’ll go over to TPM and read “I’ve Been Down This Road Before.” Do take note of what she says about the Texan who’s a gun nut, and how the two of them can work together anyway, will ya?
    People are people. What they’re scared of differs as much as the color of their eyes or the size of their earlobes. It’s no help to try to make us more scared of each other in tough times.

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