Phila Reads Bigots

So you don’t have to:

Here we have someone who not only claims that
there is a moral right to deny homosexuals rights, but also implies
that there’s no moral rightnot to deny them rights. And yet,
he presents the logical legal implications of his own position as some
ideological imposition forced on him by political correctness. He’s not
excluding them; they excludethemselves by being abnormal, just as blacks formerly “segregated” themselves by having the wrong skin color.

See, Franck doesn’t come before us as a advocate of bigotry or religious persecution. He’s simply taking a stand forreasoned judgment
— the kind that comes to you as effortlessly as breathing, once you
accept the correct political interpretation of the correct religious

Lost from view is the true ground of our common
public morality: reasoned judgment about the natures of things and the
good of human persons, families, and communities.

Or as Fred Phelps puts it, without any tedious pretense to intellectualism and rationality, God hates fags.


One thought on “Phila Reads Bigots

  1. Since when is love and mutually desired commitment such a bad thing for humans??? Screw the whole “faith” argument.

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