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Look, I know all about this, okay, how hating someone gives that person power over me and whatnot, how seething invective and furious anger may be what he deserves to receive but it is not what I deserve to give, I get it. Can we just stipulate that I realize I should be a better person and get on to how much I fucking hate that dishonestNixonite shitbag John O’Neill?

That would be the John O’Neill first seen getting stunningly PWNED as a child by my once-and-forever political boyfriend John Kerry:

That would be the John O’Neill who was put up to his dishonest shitbaggery bythe biggest dishonest shitbag of them all:

Former Nixon special counselChuck Colson
has said that Kerry was an “articulate” and “credible leader” of those
veterans calling for an end to the Vietnam War and therefore “an
immediate target of the Nixon administration.” As such, the Nixon
administration found it necessary to “create a counterfoil” to Kerry.
Colson recounted, “We found a vet named John O’Neill and formed a group
called Vietnam Veterans for a Just Peace. We had O’Neill meet the
President, and we did everything we could do to boost his group.”
Articles from the April 21 edition of theHouston Chronicle and the June 17, 2003, edition ofThe Boston Globe confirm close ties between O’Neill and the Nixon administration.

Clearly they hated one another:

[Cheap joke about how he gave Nixon one hell of a tea-bagging goes here.]

Not content with ruining our lives in 1971 and again in 2004, not content with doing as much damage as a punch-drunk tazmanian devil in a crystal factory, here comes John O’Neill again, to remind us through the charitable sharing of his thoughts that we are grateful the world is full of people so absolutely and utterly unlike him. Here he comes again, glomming onto the latest opportunity to look like a fucking jackass in a suit in front of a bunch of racists and whackos. What a bologna pony. I don’t know why these fucks just cannot figure out that they LOST, and not just in 2008, either. The number of people who think Nixon ruled and that the Vietnam War was Teh Awesome is pretty fucking small. Most people agree that period of our national history hummed balls and we don’t want to repeat it, and so to blither on about how it was totally badass how you’re a Republican in the mold of the only president more unpopular than Bush the Second is kind of … how can I put this … stupid.

While I get that it has to be galling there’s video evidence of you being wrong all over the Internet and the world, what I do not get is perpetuating the idiocy by finding every opportunity to be on the wrong side of everything all over again. Just LET IT GO already. Stop being wrong and ruining people’s lives. Stop sucking and lying and go sit in the sun under a beach umbrella. What IS this? Whatever gods are testing us with this pointy little creep, we are OVER IT.

I’ll bet his speech is just gonna beprecious.

Tea Party link viaJane on Twitter.


4 thoughts on “La Cucaracha

  1. God, A, nobody does a rant like you. I am a mere squeaker by comparison. Yes, that time did hum balls and no, we do not want to do it again.
    Once was plenty.
    And O’Neil is a lying dick.

  2. What he said. Times a zillion. And I hate and despise lying little pricks like O’Neill (and unfortunately their number is legion, we just don’t see all of them) with the fire of 1,000 suns…and I don’t feel that gives them power over me at all.

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