6 thoughts on “Sinfonian on Olbermann!

  1. First, Sinfonian is beyond awesome for doing that, and making sure it was captured for posterity. Olbermann is wonderful for using it in his show. I think I have to do a happy dance, or something.

  2. …since I haven’t been lurking for quite some time over at Baby Blue, my first reaction to Sinfonian’s DKos rec’ed post about his experience was “Sinf has a girlfriend?!!??” Other than that, all one can say is “good job, Dude”, because that took a kind of guts beyond anything I’ve ever had to deal with in thirty years of contentious debates over natural resource management issues (regardless how heated and threatening some of those discussions may have seemed at the time)…

  3. I loved that whole story. The blogger getting booed down for telling the truth – basically the blogger PWNing the group. The activist saying that it is based in racism (I’m not sure if it could be proven, but I’m sure a very significant part is racism).
    Only I’m feeling a little dense, when Olbermann said “see there is another double entendre”, I rewound and listened 3 times last night and still didn’t get it.

  4. Mazel tov to Sinf!
    And Janeane Garofalo didn’t realize there were still that many racists left in the world? Wake up and smell their fear, madame!

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