8 thoughts on “The Andrews Sisters

  1. We played that in marching band my freshman year of high school. As trumpet player, it was quite fun.

  2. Very very good, but my personal favorite version of that song is Louis Jordan’s. The Andrews Sisters certainly did rock the house, though.

  3. We need more links to videos of the Boswell Sisters, who the Andrews Sisters totally ripped off.

  4. Aaaargh, it’s really not fair to say the Andrews Sisters “totally ripped off” the Boswell Sisters”. The Andrews Sisters admired the Boswells a lot and copied them–just as Ella Fitzgerald copied their lead singer, Connee Boswell. 2 of the Boswell Sisters retired in 1936, and the Andrews Sisters performed for the armed forces throughout WWII, when Connee Boswell couldn’t join the USO because she was in a wheelchair (she was paralyzed from the waist down ever since a childhood accident). The Andrews Sisters also made lots of movies, radio broadcasts, and hit records, some with celebs like Bing Crosby Danny Kaye, and Carmen Miranda. Don’t blame a “rip-off”. The Boswells innovated but the Andrewses got more media coverage.

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