We Keep Walking Away

Hey Peggy. Fuck you, youshallow, trivial, solipisistic moral dsylexic:

“Some things in life need to be mysterious,” said Noonan, adding, “Sometimes you need to just keep walking.”

She also added:

“It’s hard for me to look at a great nation issuing these documents
and sending them out to the world and thinking, oh, much good will come
of that.”

I’m sorry, Peg, is it boring around the house these days? Is it just such a bummer having to read about how the president whose leg you humped like a beagle on ecstasy hired a bunch of people to break the law and lie about it? Is that screwing with your plans to go shopping this weekend? Because I get it, I do, I’d much rather be writing about the White House garden and talking about how I covet Michelle’s outfits SO MUCH and giving people tips on where to buy really awesome tea which has kind of become my new passion but unfortunately YOUR BEST FRIENDS FUCKED THE WORLD UP SO HERE WE ARE. Here we sit, reading daily memos about waterboarding and putting people in boxes with insects and making them too crazy to testify about the crimes for which we were interrogating them. It sucks.

It’s hard for you to look at much good coming from us having to know all about the horrors done in our names? Yes, yes I can see that. But it’s harder for me to look at a great nation TORTURING PEOPLE and sending them out to the world TO GET TORTURED MORE IN OUR SECRET PRISONS and thinking, oh, much good will come out of that. I raised that point, yet off we went, merrily torturing left right and center, so pardon me for not having so much sympathy for how it’s now affecting your beautiful mind. I couldn’t see much good coming out of throwing away centuries of established law just because we felt like it, just because we could, but I was a filthy, foul-mouthed hippie who probably secretly hates America, so what I and hundreds of thousands of others had to say didn’t mean shit.

As for Peggy’s suggestion that we just keep walking, I’d like to ask her, where should we go? Keep walking? What the fuck FOR, if not to learn and change and reconcile and get better? I don’t understand this high-handed crap of hers, and by the way, the urge to keep walking will only benefit those who still CAN fucking walk, which I have to imagine would be kind of tough after being waterboarded a hundred times in a month.

How on earth is it better that “some things remain mysterious?” The fuck? I’m a reporter, still, even now: Knowing is always better than not knowing. Knowing is always better than wondering, always better than suspecting, always better than fearing, always better even than hoping. You have to know about the world in which you live; I can understand not wanting to live with the horror jacked into the back of your head like the Matrix but I can’t understand allowing that childish wish, the “Mommy, make it go away,” to allow you to shut it all out. I can’t conceive of the privilege necessary to convince yourself you have the right to advocate deliberate ignorance of the fundamental truths of this generation’s history in order to make you feel better. Who are you, to say that? Who are you, to decide?

Keep walking. Every time I think I’m used to their callousness, they find a way to break through rock bottom and dig another mile down.


21 thoughts on “We Keep Walking Away

  1. Beautiful rant A!
    One wonders how much the Pegster and her oh so correct friends would like the rest of us to walk away from someone torturing them???

  2. If Peggy Noonan did not exist, it would be necessary to invent her. So I could keep reading A rants!

  3. Do you ever wonder what they meant by a “stinging insect” in the box?
    Try looking up on Wikipedia as to what they classify a Scorpion as in the middle east and you will realize just what a tremendously sadistic bunch we are dealing with here.
    Insect ! yeah right.

  4. Some day before I die I hope to meet a Republican who has not morphed into a moral pervert. I also hope to be given a million dollars to spend as I please. At least I have a shot at the second hope.

  5. Well, Athenae … as always, well said.
    I cannot for the life of me fathom how these people deluded themselves into believing they were part of anything civilized.
    I don’t usually like Sam Donaldson, but in that video he comes across as the voice of commonsense. How fubared are we, when Sam frakkin’ Donaldson sounds like a good guy?

  6. What struck me most about her saying those ridiculous things was her lazy, oh-so-casual or perhaps stoned out of her gourd manner. She condescends to lift her head off of her hand and behaves like a benevolent wise woman speaking to confused and terrified idiot children. She smiles what she must think is a reassuring smile (but in reality is sickeningly saccharine) and speaks about the most vile acts as nothing more than boo boos and skinned knees. I really wanted to reach through the screen and make her wake up by slapping the holy shit out of her.

  7. And the difference between her saying “keep on walking” and the Administration saying “look forward, not back” is…what?

  8. Methinks a great deal in life is mysterious to Ms. Noonan. But then again Obama appears to want to have transparency without accountability and that’s a mystery to me (well, not in full as the transparency part is on someone’s ass other than his own).

  9. Well said.
    I’d also mention that the crowd who wants to ignore these actions seems to be the same crowd that cries for “law and order” and “stiff sentences” in the criminal court system.
    I can see it now: Honestly, your Honor. I robbed that bank. But let us not look backwards. Just look forwards and release me.

  10. I did not think Richard Cohen would be topped for the amoral championing of burying crimes by aprominent journalist:

    This is not an entirely trivial matter since government officials should not lie to grand juries, but neither should they be called to account for practicing the dark art of politics. As with sex or real estate, it is often best to keep the lights off.

    Imagine how foolish I feel now!

  11. If one does not posess the ability for introspection, it is easy to assert they are (self?)righteous.

  12. “Moral dyslexic” — Good! What does one do after writing such bilge? Go to a sweat lodge, or something? Do they go to a secret bunker, put on the jack boots and sing to Lili Marlene? WTF.

  13. I had never been to your site. I saw the infamous Peg last Sunday. This made me laugh out loud. THANK YOU

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