So … What’s my Dickhead Idealogue Asshat of a Governor Up to Lately?

Sorry to disappoint those of ya’ll who’d love it if Texas actually would secede, but the news you thought you heard isn’t really about that. You see, being a dickhead and an asshole and oh yeah, a politician, our governor said one thing (loudly) but actually meant something else.

Though to give him credit, Perry actually did explain what his little “Texas sovereignty” stunt was really all about. He spelled it out quite clearly in fact:

“The target is to those congressional members who are going to be putting their name on the ballot, filing for election here in less than eight months, the message is going to be to them, ‘Hey, brother congressman, sister congresswoman, hold on a minute. You’re doing some things, or you’re overseeing some things or you’re blessing some things in Washington, D.C. that are absolutely wrong and we’re not going to stand for it any more.”

In case you don’t understand Goodhair-ese, what he said is: K-A-Y B-A-I-L-E-Y H-U-T-C-H-I-S-O-N.

Hutchison, who will almost certainly challenge Perry for his seat next year, voted for the bailout. She also voted for S-CHIP, specifically to hold onto those big bloated federal bucks for kids healthcare:

Hutchison said she supported the bipartisan compromise in part because it will protect Texas from losing federal money. “The Finance Committee worked with me to not rob [Texas’] funds, so for that reason I’m inclined to support (the bill),”said Hutchison.

So, if you think you’ve seen too much of Perry on the national stage lately, just wait till the Texas gubernatorial race starts to heat up in earnest. This time, he’s glommed ontowhat would have been an all but invisible House resolution and the noisy teabaggers, but trust me, he’ll exploit any and every opportunity to prop up his chances for another term.

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BTW, Goodhair will be guest of honor at various of the state’s teabagstravaganzas today, including the one held at Austin’s Lady Bird Lake, where

Empty boxes labeled with the name of the once heavily taxed beverage will be thrown into the water — andimmediately retrieved by canoe. The protesters have even obtained the proper permits from city officials, event organizer Judy Holloway said.

Well, that certainly sends a strong message…

8 thoughts on “So … What’s my Dickhead Idealogue Asshat of a Governor Up to Lately?

  1. Having lived 15 years in SC, I thought there was already a case of a state trying to remove itself from the union.

  2. Loved the read, but when you lead with a headline like that one, you’ve got to be far more specific about which gov you’re talking about… Thought you were ripping a couple other states before I caught the TX ref…

  3. heh, Doc.
    See I started with Cornyn a few weeks back. I intend to feature more than one of the asshat dickheads that Texans are privileged to have representing us in government.
    Also if it sounds like I’m praising KBH above, I’ll get to her sooner or later. I have to grudgingly admit that she’s been somewhat more useful to us than some of them, but then, compared to Cornyn, a fencepost looks useful.

  4. well, VirgoTex, properly employed, a fencepost is useful.
    It can keep, for example, the cows out of the garden.

  5. So…ah…the GOVERNOR is against taxes? Just where does he think he gets his salary from?

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