9 thoughts on “Personally…

  1. I really, really love travelling by train. It’s one of the things I miss most about England.
    High-speed rail. Now.

  2. Yup! And if I may be so bold as to ask…gimme a h.s.t. from Hou to New Orleans, first? 🙂
    Elspeth (what…? Y’all weren’t expecting that outta me?)

  3. i am planning a east coast trip and i want to mix in the train. a trip from richmond to grand central station isn’t that long.

  4. I’d even visit Houston if there was train service between Hou and NOLA–every once in a while something’s happening in Tejas that I wouldn’t mind going to except for…the drive to Houston…and the traffic in Houston.

  5. Yeah you right Michael…why do you think I want to move to Nola and give the Hou Rat Race the Heave ho? 🙂 I’m always happy driving TO New Orleans, and always cranky as hell driving ‘home’.

  6. And speaking of socialist Europe, isn’t one of the sayings that the “Trains run on time”.
    While I like Amtrak, I pretty much have to assume that the real schedule is random.

  7. No, MapleStreet, that’s Fascist Italy actually. Or Hitler’s Germany depending on who’s making the joke. Here in non-socialist New Labour England, the trains do NOT reliably run on time…not that it has anything to do with the colour of the government particularly.

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