22 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: Spring, Sprung

  1. I have something in my cabinet from my poor aunt, who would either laugh or cry if she saw it. It’s supposed to be a blooming amaryllis bulb, but it is now dried and droopy in a dish with a gorgeous sign on it that says “I Tried, But It Died”.
    I did try, really I did. But my son and my pets took precedence. Haven’t been able to make anything successfully grow since I nurtured African violets into blooming like crrrrazy during my single and early married years.
    Now those freaking banana trees we have in our backyard – THOSE babies will be blooming and making fruit through the world’s end. Thank goodness my husband knows how to make banana wine and banana liqueur. Plus, we made some great Korean sauce with the banana blossom once.

  2. cobwebs…? Growing ever more intolerant of idiots and assholes that refuse to admit they are WRONG, and are all too prevalent in Houston – thus additionally growing my life-saving need to move to New Orleans. (it may have its share of Is & As, but there are more of ‘my’ people there to chill out with)

  3. As for edibles: have 4 pots of luscious plump basil and one of dill on the front porch. There’s tons of rosemary in the yard – in this area, rosemary is used as a landscaping plant- deer won’t eat it.
    Also, put a coral honeysuckle vine on one side of porch, a confederate star jasmine on the other, attempting to train them to cover porch railing and up string to form a hanging curtain in the front

  4. won’t list indoor as i don’t know what the various ‘bob’s are. i got lavender and ceutting celery started. i WILL do cherry tomatoes, green pepper(tho they never do well), peas, POLE BEANS(basil likes them too). i like the gebera daisy i had last year. trying to use the seeds i have.
    rhubarb up. catnip up. dandylions up. aliums from the squirrels up.

  5. Peas, Basil, Cukes and ‘Maters.
    That and a few bushels of weeds

  6. I set up a “square foot garden” box, 2′ x 8′, on my deck late last year, and grew lettuce most of the winter. Now I have 4 kinds of lettuce, Blue Lake beans, two tomato plants, two Eggplants, 4 potato hills, and some nasturtiums, all growing, even though some are just peeking out of the soil. And, I have a fig tree in a container also growing on the deck. I would say “back to nature”, but I never left.

  7. Lavender Hyssop in memory of cousin Judy, white zinnias in memory of Christy, cosmos, purple coneflower, lilies, zinnias in all colors because the neighbors love them, basil, parsley, sage, oregano, dill, thyme, rosemary, chives. The azaleas in front have bloomed, the ones in back are gearing up, the rhododendrons will bloom shortly as will the Siberian iris. And the peonies. I know I forgot something. Oh, yes, the tulips, daffodils and crocuses that DH planted for the first time this year. We should have some cleomes if the ones we planted last year self-seeded. And at least one sunflower, the result of feeding the birds all winter.
    Peace, V.

  8. weeds after I killed the lawn mower last October (broke the FRAME hitting a stump).
    Also, potatoes (sprouts) and plans for tomatoes, corn, okra, beans, and peppers. If the damn weather would just stop throwing cold spells I’d have ’em out already.

  9. Silver Queen corn, about 5 varieties of tomatoes and all the usual garden herbs.
    I’ve even started zinnias, hollyhocks, morning glories, sweet peas and nasturtiums.
    For the first time ever we planted tulips because of a deer problem, but enough spraying has let them survive.

  10. This will be our first year vegetable gardening. We put in bush beans, tomatoes, arugula, broccoli, and peppers. We also learned that spraying tulips with a mixture of hot sauce and water keeps the deer and squirrels away. We didn’t lose a single tulip this year.

  11. OK, in all seriousness…what I have of it…
    I have two tomatoes growing – Roma and Sunsweet Orange. The little sunsweets are deelishymous! Also, I have parsley, no sage, rosemary and no thyme. Last on the deck is a container of yellow bell peppers.
    My potatoes started without me in the kitchen.

  12. Y’all have guilted me into getting started.
    Split some rhubarb – so hopefully I’ll have a lot of rhubarb next year. Then surrounded it with cherry tomatoes, habaneros, and some other assorted peppers.
    Then in the spice category, some cinnamon basil, tarragon, garlic chives, and my potted rosemary, and I’m trying to root some galangal. (did I say I like Thai?)
    One thing I miss from living in the south is having Kiwis. But I found a version of kiwi developed in Siberia (so I figure they should understand snow). The vines are in their second year – so hopefully in 2 years I can have fresh kiwis also.

  13. I’m a gardening fool. I just moved my flats from the seed starting rack in the basement out to the deck to start hardening things off. 91 tomato plants (I give most of them away), 42 assorted peppers and chilies, herbs, flowers, some perennials, I have grape and red currant cuttings I’m trying to root, and am getting the beginnings of my orchard and vinyard in place at the FeralFarm. Planted 2 apple trees, a pecan and a nectarine last weekend and have 40 grapevines going.

  14. FeralLiberal,
    Sounds like you’re a lot better at gardening than me, so I’m probably saying something that you already know.
    A lot of grape plants are grafted. So if you root a plant you’ll loose the effect of the root plant – often getting a very inferior product to the grafted combination.

  15. MapleStreet, you are absolutly right which is why the cuttings I’m rooting are from non-grafted grapes grown on their own roots.

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