Rope, Tree, Journalist

This should make Michelle Malkin’s day:

TEHRAN, Iran – An Iranianappeals court
will hear the case of an American journalist convicted of spying for
the United States next week, the judiciary spokesman said Tuesday.

Roxana Saberi, whose father says she has been on ahunger strike
for two weeks, was convicted last month of passing intelligence to the
U.S. and sentenced to eight years in prison after a closed, one-day

There were signs thatIran
was making an effort to conduct the appeal more openly than the trial
itself, which was only revealed days after the fact, took place behind
closed doors and, according to the journalist’s father, lasted only
about 15 minutes.

In announcing the appeal
hearing, judiciary spokesman Ali Reza Jamshidi, told a news conference
that Iran would open the proceedings to experts from the country’s bar

“Her case has been referred to an
appeals court where it is being studied. A date has been set for next
week,” Jamshidi said, without specifying the exact date.

Maybe the wingnuts can organize a celebratory Cheeto feast and liveblog it.


2 thoughts on “Rope, Tree, Journalist

  1. Here’s the logic: We demand that those murderous, dusky heathens release the journalist so WE can lynch her.
    It’s the Republican way.

  2. Malkin is just mad that the Iranians got to this point before she and her ilk did. She hates being trumped by other bad guys.
    I’m sure she turns green with envy whenever Iran comes out with the kind of shit.

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