4 thoughts on “Becoming animated

  1. it’s an ‘in your face, black president!’. being partisan much? i expect a damned liberal nomination. scalito and roberts demands it.

  2. A lot of Southerners, like me, were raised in an atmosphere where subtle and tacit racist references were used. There are things I have said which I would now disavow.
    Some were raised in atmospheres where ugly and explicit references were the norm.
    But there are 3 things which bother me about Sessions. 1st he said these things so recently. Even in the last few years he has established himself as totally tone death to the point of not only not cleansing himself of these thoughts, but even more, not even realizing that the statements were inappropriate.
    2nd he has done nothing to disavow these statements or otherwise shown himself to have changed.
    3rd the courts were the tool used for desegregation and equal voting rights. To put him in charge of the judiciary, where he wields power over these same courts, is highly inappropriate.
    Kind of like putting David Duke in charge of the ACLU and NAACP

  3. Lemme get this straight.
    We’re bitching, now, ’cause the GOP has come out in public to choose as one of its most powerful committee chairs one of its most out bigots?
    How is this bad? I mean, people are going to see this and know who he is and what he stands for, and they’re going to make that (additional) connection between hatred, bigotry, and Republicans, right?
    Or am I freaking missing the bleeding obvious, here? This guy’s THE poster child for Limbaugh’s idea of good government. By 2010 won’t his influence have hardened the hearts of every sensible voter in the nation against the GOP?

  4. wasn’t bitching. just poking R’s in the eye with a stick. The self=destructiveness is a carnival.

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