Happy Obama & Clinton Photo


On World Press Freedom Day:

“It is a day in which we celebrate
the indispensable role played by journalists in exposing abuses of
power, while we sound the alarm about the growing number of journalists
silenced by death or jail as they attempt to bring daily news,” reads
the statement by President Obama. Citing CPJ statistics from our CPJ’s
journalist killed database,
the statement goes on: “Since this day was first celebrated some
sixteen years ago, 692 journalists have been killed. Only a third of
those deaths were linked to the dangers of covering war; the majority
of victims were local reporters covering topics such as crime,
corruption, and national security in their home countries.”


4 thoughts on “Happy Obama & Clinton Photo

  1. Isn’t it nice to have an administration that recognizes the role that journalism can and should play in a democracy? That thinks that information should be shared?

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