New Orleans Beer for Fargo via Wisconsin

Heh, what’s not to like?

It’s AP so here is the gist of the story…The mayor of Fargo had said when the flood fight was over he’d buy everyone a beer. Dixie Brewing Co of New Orleans heard about this and has donated 1000 cases of beer. The company was severely damaged by Katrina/Flood and are rebuilding but for now they have been temporarily brewing its beer in Wisconsin.

6 thoughts on “New Orleans Beer for Fargo via Wisconsin

  1. pansypoo…at Minhas Craft Brewery, formerly Huber Brewing in Monroe

  2. That’s mighty nice and neighborly of Dixie to do that! 🙂 Talk about great P.R.! 🙂
    I’m sure somewhere there’s a Halliburton exec calling Cheney to figure out how they can intercept the gift and charge the gov’t for the ‘humanitarian’ aid…and then never deliver.

  3. Huber used to make some terrific (cheap) beer. I should try out the current offerings from that plant sometime.

  4. I started to write a comment about how this shows what great people real Americans are, and then realized that made me sound like a horrifying cross between David Broder and Sarah Palin. Which totally squicked me out.
    So I’ll just raise a beer to Dixie, Wisconsin and Fargo. Iechyd da!

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