11 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. Ferret mud wrestling! I’m totally energized for the day.
    Peace, V.
    P.S. If you want to seal up the box and FedEx those furry tube socks to me I’ll pay extra for overnight shipping. I am SO besotted.

  2. Victoria, don’t tempt me some days.
    GG, I’ve been worried they’ll try to NOM, but they haven’t shown much interest. Not even Riot and he eats shoes.

  3. That was the best thing about my day. The Midget is going to love this…

  4. NEAT!
    I hadn’t thought of it, but my cats just love the peanuts – but they stick all over the cat – so I have to be quick to wipe them off before the cat grooms them off (and eats them).
    OTOH – I guess being a mustelid and similar to weasels, yours must have some extra oil in their coats which keeps them from building up static electricity?
    BTW – I haven’t tried it, but I have heard that the peanuts that are made from cornstarch (not the polystyrene ones) being biodegradable, are suitable for the compost bin.
    BTW 2 – If anyone wants to make a fortune with pet supplies, may I suggest a grounding strap for cats. ON dry winter days, I hate reaching out to the cat and shocking its nose (kind of communicates the opposite of what I want to).

  5. cats woulda been noisier. i let them chew on them. cat spit reduced them to tiny little white things. but won’t eat them.

  6. I don’t know how you can stand ever NOT to have a box of packing peanuts around, given that kind of entertainment.
    On L’s second Christmas we put him in a giant box of packing peanuts like that: a ball pit for those like me who get migraines just thinking about Chucky Cheese. He had fun for hours. It almost gave me time to clean the house…

  7. I loved the vid!!! Their thrashing about and baring of teeth made me think of the “Shrieking Eels” from “The Princess Bride” book. 🙂

  8. Duuuude, it’s totally WWF in there! Love! Want!
    (Laughed out loud when One smooshed Other into bottom of box and then LOOKED AROUND for Other. Where’d he go, mom, where’d he go? Meanwhile, Other came up for air towards camera! What a riot!)

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