6 thoughts on “The Definition of Friendship

  1. That struck me too.
    How can you have friends that you would not let near your kids?
    And what? Gay=Pedophile?

  2. I can’t believe my eyes! Joe the Liar tax-deadbeat non-licensed plumber was given space in Christianity Today. By what measure is Joe a representative of Christianity? And CT used to be a fairly innocuous journal.
    Also, I know nothing about Joe’s family, but looking at him, my guess is that if he has children they are at least in their late teens and more likely in their 20s? So the talk about keeping undesirables away sounds like barroom bluster talk without basis in fact.
    Then Joe giving talks on etymology?
    Rather than interviews with Joe, I’d rather the TV news DID run cutesy stories about 2-headed cows that glow in the dark.

  3. Notice he used the past tense: “had” some friends who were actually homosexual. For some reason the “actually” part strikes me as funny. Well, I had some friends who are actually Republicans. I wouldn’t let my children near them either, but that’s because I’m afraid the kids will laugh in an impolite manner. Kids these days, I tell ya.

  4. protecting his kids or his friends. bet the rug rats are mini ‘joes’. gay bahing little ‘joes’.

  5. Dumb Question: If you were gay and wanted to pal around with Joe, would you tell him that you’re gay?
    Does Joe have infallible gaydar?

  6. Good Lord, when will America realize that fundamentalist right-wing gay-bashers are nothing more than closet queens?

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