9 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. i gotta get back to encyclopedia blogging. may have some estate sale blogging. i suppose the new squirrel is worthy.
    and what might i find today.

  2. Snort.
    I have that picture blown up to 8.5 x 10 on my office wall at the church.
    Ge4t’s lots of comments 🙂

  3. Can I use that for my Philosophy classes? I have a cat who looks like basement cat but acts like he thinks he’s ceiling cat.

  4. the estate sale ‘wasn’t on’. WTF?? maybe it’s next week. cool little house. tho WHY paint a brick house???

  5. Due to a recent diagnosis, the Red Cross won’t let me donate blood for a full year – so over at my place, I’m begging y’all todo it for me.
    Bleed for me, won’t you?

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