George Will: Lizard of All He Surveys

Good God, I’d forgotten how pretentious he is:

At the Academy of Obama, professors and others devise plans for
extracting a new and improved automobile industry from a
semi-sort-of-bankruptcy arrangement that — if it survives judicial
scrutiny; that is not certain — will give the United Auto Workers39 percent
of General Motors, with the government owning 50 percent. During future
contract negotiations, will the union’s adversary be an administration
that the union helped to put in power?

Well, if the UAW is doing its job right, and I’m sure reasonable people can argue, then the union’s adversary will be anybody trying to fuck with its workers, because that’s how this is supposed to work. But I’d hate to interrupt a good wank just when George is reaching for the tube sock, so let’s continue.

It is Demagoguery 101 to identify an unpopular minority to blame for
problems. The president has chosen to blame “speculators” — a.k.a.
investors; anyone who buys a share of a company’s stock is speculating
about the company’s future — for Chrysler’s bankruptcy and the dubious
legality of his proposal. Yet he simultaneously says he hopes that
private investors will begin supplanting government as a source of
capital for the companies. Breathes there an investor/speculator with
such a stunted sense of risk that he or she would go into business with
this capricious government?

Breathes there an editor with the testicular fortitudinousness to stymy this relentless twaddle?

Oh, and while we’re demagoguing, Georgie Porgie, you seem to have no problem demonizing unions. When was the last time anybody who worked on the assembly line came to your dinner table?

Obama overflows with advice for Americans who he thinks need
admonitions such as “wash your hands when you shake hands” and “cover
your mouth when you cough.”

Well, George W. told us to pray about the war, so I’m not going to get too upset about hand sanitizer.



10 thoughts on “George Will: Lizard of All He Surveys

  1. And you know damn well that if Obama had *not* mentioned the handwashing, etc., Will would have criticized him for failing to offer commonsense precautions to the American public, and used that as the centerpiece for a column about how Obama is too cerebral to understand Real Americans ™.
    And George, darling, I wouldn’t be snarking about “professors” when you’re the one wearing the fucking bowtie, you pretentious twat.

  2. Hedge funds and short sellers are not investors; they’re betting on the entity failing and it’s in their interests for it to do so. George Fwill is such a turd.

  3. It is Demagoguery 101 to identify an unpopular minority to blame for problems
    Gee, George, aren’t Union members a minority of workers in the US? How often have we seen the auto industries’ woes laid at the feet of the unions?
    And it should be relatively easy to determine if there’s any truth to that claim. I’d like to see what the percentage of Chrysler’s operating costs were due to union wages and benefits when Chrysler was making a good profit, and compare that to today’s percentage. I’d be willing to wager it’s a much smaller amount today.

  4. Funny how all the folks who cry “States’ Rights” are all contorted when the prez doesn’t make a statement about what the states do – when they don’t agree with the states

  5. Ooops. Sorry, should have been on thread about pushing the prez for a statement on Civil Unions / Gay Marriage.

  6. I bounced George out of one of my bookstores back in the ’80s. He was pissed that I didn’t have 20 copies of all of his putrid works.
    It was something about how we in San Francisco didn’t like his writings. (Did I say something wrong? )

  7. the rite wing still hasn’t admitted they fucked up the PLANET and they are pissed about having their wonderful reaganville turned into poop.
    obama needs to just take them all by the neck and spank the crap out of them. fuck being reasonable. be FDR and TR. break the trusts. carry a big fucking stick.

  8. It takes some huge amount of guts to arbitrarily redefine “speculator” as “investor,” but hey, if George Will needs towarp the very English language to serve the warped ideology he’s pushing, by George, that’s just what he’s going to do.
    He ought to be declared a semantic Superfund site, and William Safire, if he has an iota of conscience left (I doubt it, but hey, we can hope) should have at least winced.

  9. >will give the United Auto Workers 39 percent of General Motors
    The bow tie must be constricting the flow of blood upward.
    UAW is one of the few entities willing to buy GM.
    Buy is NOT equal to will give.

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