McCain may not remember that Katrina Commission fight But…

I was at a Brewers game today and out of touch with the political world. But on returning home I saw that John McCainclaimed he voted for every Katrina investigation. Of course I knew that was not true as it was pointed out by the Dems when McCain was in NOLA this past April. (see FD post.)

Now I see that his campaign hasqualified his remarks:

“Instead he was speaking to his strong support for the Homeland Security
Committee’s comprehensive, bipartisan investigation of Hurricane
Katrina, which was already fully underway when these other proposals
were suggested.”

I thought well that is not right either, as well as lacking in account of what occurred. So I was about to write a post on such when I discovered thatE at We Could Be Famous had it covered:

Oh, he was talking about the “bipartisan” investigationrammed down the throats of Democrats by the then-majority Republicans desperately trying to limit the political damage of the disaster.

rejected Democratic appeals to model the panel after the Sept. 11
commission, which was made up of non-lawmakers and was equally balanced
between Republicans and Democrats. That commission won wide praise for
assessing how the 2001 terrorist attacks occurred, and for recommending
changes in the government’s anti-terrorism structure.

and Senate GOP leaders announced the “Hurricane Katrina Joint Review
Committee,” which will include only members of Congress, with
Republicans outnumbering Democrats by a yet-to-be-determined ratio. The
commission, which will have subpoena powers, will investigate the
actions of local, state and federal governments before and after the
storm that devastated New Orleans and other portions of the Gulf Coast.

there were three Katrina investigations, one each by the House of
Representatives, the Senate, and the Presidency. That which was
produced by the House was boycotted by Democrats. That which was
produced was the President was intended to be toilet paper. The Senate
investigation was what the Democrats were left with after the
independent commission was rejected in a vote down party lines.

This Senate investigation waslaunched on September 15th, 2005.

Thus, it was not “fully underway” when John McCain voted against the independent investigation on September 14th, 2005.
(my emphasis)

And I wish to say, thank heaven for blogs so we have a means to reach out and say–just wait a freaking minute. And say it I must…Does McCain really think that no one out here is going to remember that initial fight over a Katrina Commission?

Does he think we can’t remember that Bush said he would investigate only to have Scottie McClellan, when pressed for details on the investigation, qualify Bush’s remarks by“describing it as an “analysis,” not an investigation”?

Would we have a senior moment and not recall that as SenatorClinton was calling for an independent commission, Republicans Frist and Hastert were trying to get ahead of that byannouncing a bipartisan Joint House and Senate Review?

And that when Democratic leaders“refused to appoint members to a joint committee, citing the lack of equal representation for their party” and insisted on an independent inquiry such as Clinton’s commission which was voted down onSeptember 14…that THEN on September 19th the Republicans“abandoned their plan to conduct a joint House-Senate probe” blaming the Democrats of course.

Oh yeah it was a heckuva fight and though it has somehow slipped John McCain’s mind, some of us still do remember.

One final note…Oyster says E at We Could Be Famous “will be famous one day.” I would say, should be Today.Read it all and Link it.

To Add: You’d think McCain and his campaign would have been ready for this given in April during his trip to NOLA the Dems issued a press release saying McCain twice voted against Katrina investigations. It’s not new news. What is news is that unlike McCain’s BBQ licking press base, a local reporter, WWL’s Maya Rodriguez called him on it. In other words the question itself wasn’t out of left field, but he and his campaign didn’t prepare for it as they do not expect it to be asked–that would be left of field for John McCain. It’s an arrogance and conceit of the process and press that was displayed here. If only there were more Maya’s out there, think how vulnerable he would be… 

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  1. If John McCain says he walked on water yesterday, the MSM will report it with a straight face. The only caveat will be a question to a local Democrat whose answer will be reported as, “John Smith, District 24 assemblyman, introduced some controversy by stating that he didn’t agree.” The headline will, of course, be, “McCain is God”.

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